Some Frequently asked questions

  1. Can we come to the nursery and shop for plants?
  2. Sorry customers can not come and select plants. We can help you with plant requirements by mail order, or you can send in an order in advance to be picked up at a specified date. It is just not practical to come with the purpose of buying plants. If you wish to tour the greenhouses you can, please contact us in advance for an appointment.

  3. What size are the plants?
  4. Most plants are suitable for a 3 to 4 inch pot. Most plants are grown from seed and are from 5 to 8 years old. Some miniature species are small as they stay small, like Turbinicarpus, Conophytum, etc. A few type like the Crassulas, stapeliads are primarily rooted cuttings. The vast majority of plants offered are grown from seed.

  5. How long does it take for the order to be shipped?
  6. It depends on how long after a catalog comes out. For the first 2 weeks after a catalog is mailed out the number of orders arriving is not too great. But after this time a large rush comes and then the delay increases rapidly. If you get the order to us within 2 weeks of a new catalog going out the delay should be 10 days or less. After this time the delay can get to 3 weeks during the rush season. After the rush is over the delay drops off rapidly again down to a few days time.

  7. Can I call and ask about what plants are available before I place the order?
  8. We can not help with this service, the best advice I can offer to customers is to order early and this will help you get all that you want.

    Some comments and recommendations for customers:

    If at all possible pay for your order with a credit card. Please give us both the full number and the expiration date. If you wish to send the order by email and have credit card concerns I hope you can be confident that all data here is carefully handled. In many years of handling orders there has not been a single occasion of credit card problems, yet. When emailing if at all possible give your card number and expiration date. If you can not send the number with your order at least give most of the final digits and the expiration date. We spend a huge amount of time obtaining credit card numbers from customers that do not include this with your order.

    Another request is to not call right away and ask if your email or fax arrived. We spend most of the day working outside in the greenhouses, and then the evening is spent in the office working on correspondence and orders. During the day we just can not tell you if your email or fax arrived as we are not able to check, the email and faxing is done back at our house.

    Handwriting standards are not what they used to be. Please write neatly, remember those elementary teachers that taught writing. The most important part of your order are those catalog numbers. Use the full number including all the decimals.

    You can call with messages, place small orders, other rather simple requests during the day, as we are mostly outside in the greenhouses. We are not able to quickly answer the phone at all times during the day. If you have more technical questions or need information about past orders please call during the evening. I am in the office most nights from 6 to 9 pm in the winter months and from 7 to 9 pm during the summer months, from Monday to Friday. Remember this is mountain time, it is not the same time as on the east or west coast. Please no Sunday calls.

    We are very grateful for all the good friendships built over the years. We sent out the first catalog in 1977 and started building the nursery in 1973. We had no idea that it would grow to the size it eventually became. You can imagine the horror of our parents when I told them I was going to start a cactus and succulent nursery, but it did come to pass.

    Steven Brack


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