WHOLESALE SEEDLIST January 2017 - Cacti

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Please consult the Jan 2016 seedlist for full ordering instructions, germination tips, notes, etc. The order blank also has the postage rates and fees.
Discount schedule: >$100 -4%, >$250 -6%, >$500 -8%, >$1000 -10%. m = 1000


                                                  m = 1000            1m       5m       10m       25m
Acanthocalycium, /3,6,15-17/ globose, from N. Argentina                              
3-klimpelianum /17/ low thick stem, sharp brownish spines            19.50                
3.2-peitscherianum /17/ short stiff spines, white-pink flowers       19.50                
3.3-peitscherianum Catamarca, longer spines, bud with long scales    19.50    58.00            
3.4-peitscherianum P208 /17/ soft pastel pink flower                 19.50                
3.5-spiniflorum /17/ very spiny stem, scaley pink flowers            19.50                
3.6-aff spiniflorum P120 /17/ flower bud covered with sharp scales   19.50                
6.2-violaceum /17/ Salsacate, Cordoba, fewer spines                  19.50                
6.34-sp P91 n Cordoba, pink sp, white fl                             19.50
Ancistrocactus, /3,6,8,11,13/ globose, from USA & Mexico                           
6.5-brevihamatus /17/ hooked spines, early brown flowers             27.10    75.00            
8.9-scheeri /16/ very soft thick white roots, green-brown fl         27.10                
9.4-scheeri DJF762.04 Ojo Caliente, Coah, yellow spines              27.10                
10-scheeri SB263 /16/ Saltillo, Coah, yellow spines, rusty brown fl  27.10                
12-scheeri SB460 /17/ Monclova, Coah, round stems, brown spines      27.10                
13.4-tobuschii (= Sclero brev tob) SB987 /17/ Bandera Co, Tx         58.00
Arequipa, /15-17/ spiny small plants from Peru & Chile                             
24.33-hempeliana Yarabamba, shaggy grey spines, red fl               27.10    75.00
Ariocarpus, /3,6,8,13/ slow grower, interesting plants                             
#28-fissuratus SB413 /16/ Brewster Co, TX, flat rough stem top       74.00                
#29.4-fissuratus v lloydii /16/ fat rounded tubercles, pink fl       58.00                
#33.8-retusus /15/ broad flat tubercles, white-pink flowers          27.10                
#34-retusus SB68 /15/ Coronel, SLP, white to pink flower             27.10                
#36.8-retusus SB1426 Marmelajo, NL 'confusus', pink-red flowers      37.00                
#40-trigonus /14/ long grey tubercles, yellow flower                 58.00   150.00
Armatocereus, /3,6,14/ cereoids from Ecuador & Peru                                
45.93-arboreus large tree with huge branches, long spines            27.10                
46.24-rauhii ssp balsasensis Balsas, segmented joints                27.10                
Astrophytum, /3,6,8,11,13/ small plants, colorful flowers                          
49-capricorne /17/ curly papery spines, red center in fl.            27.10                
55-capricorne v minor SB323 Saltillo, Coah, fragrant yellow-red fl   27.10     75.            
55.51-capricorne v niveum w Cuatrocienagas, mostly green stemmed     27.10                
55.82-capricorne v senile Viesca, green naked body                   27.10                
57-myriostigma /15/ white-flecked thick stem                         27.10                
61-myriostigma v columnare SB340 Huizache, SLP, to 1 m tall          27.10                
62-myriostigma v nudum /15/ smooth pure green stem                   27.10                
67-ornatum /14/ tall thick stem, long yellow spines                  27.10                
69-capricorne v senile /17/ dark green body, dark grey-black sp      27.10     75.            
70-capricorne v senile f aureum /17/ spines bright yellow                                 
70.03-senile v aureum Sierra de la Paila, yellow spines              27.10 

Azureocereus, /14/ cereoides from highlands of Peru                               
73.05-hertlingianus KK1064 Ayachucho, 2500m, blue bodies             27.10                
73.2-imperator KK1062 Rio Pampamarca, pale blue stem                 27.10
Carnegiea, /3,6,15/ Saguaro from Sonoran Desert                                    
76.1-gigantea /16/ Pima Co, AZ, takes a lifetime for arms            19.50 
Cleistocactus, /3,6,14-16/ columnar with pretty spines                            
78.5-baumannii hummingbirds love bright red flowers                  13.70     36.            
81-smaragdiflorus slender stems, green-pink flowers                  19.50                
82-strausii many white spines, long red flowers                      27.10     75.00   130.    235.   
82.1-tarijensis long thin hairlike spines, nice fl                   13.70                
82.39-sp mix, columnar spiny stem, many flowers                      13.70                
Copiapoa, /3,6,14/ globose plants from deserts of Chile                           
83.5-bridgesii top wooly, dark spines, fleshy taproot                27.10                
85-humilis dark grey stem, short black spines                        27.10                
85.2-humilis FR464 Paposo, Antofagasta                               27.10                
85.71-lembckei KK70 dark grey stem, black spines                     27.10                
85.713-magnifica KK1393 stout black spines, very striking            58.00                
85.85-montana very long thick taproots                               27.10                
85.875-paposoensis give gritty humus free soil                       27.10                
85.882-pendulina KK1391 grows on cliff faces                         58.00                
Coryphantha, /3,6,8/ colorful flowers, from USA & Mexico                          
87.49-calipensis /14/ heavy spines, wooly top                        27.10                
89.4-cornifera /16/ white wooly top, dark central spine              27.10                
89.6-cornifera Pena Miller, Qro, black centrals                      27.10                
89.7-cornifera SB44 /16/ Ixmiquilpan, thick stem, white wooly crown  27.10                
90-cornifera SB123 Pachuca, Hgo., strong dark recurved centrals      27.10                
91-delaetiana SB339 /13,16/ Saltillo, dense brown spines, yellow fl  27.10                
91.5-delicata SB712 /16/ Jaumave, Tam, thin spines                   27.00                
94.8-echinoidea /13,16/ stiff yellow spines                          19.50                
95-echinoidea SB26 Salinas, SLP, yellow spines and fl                19.50                
96-echinoidea SB43 Huizache, SLP, conical stems                      19.50                
105-gladiispina SB711 Paila, Coah, tiny clustering stems             19.50                
107-hendricksonii SB1016 /16/ Escalon, Chih, pink fl, huge tuber     27.10                
108.4-laui /17/ very dense brown spines, yellow-pink fl              19.50                
109.9-macromeris /17/ long thin dark spines, huge pink flowers       27.10                
112-macromeris SB841 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, small form, curly sp          27.10                
114-maiz-tablasensis /15/ very fat tubercles, few spines             27.10                
115.63-pallida CH154 Tehuacan, stem apex covered with white wool     27.10                
116.2-palmeri /17/ thick hooked spines, deep taproot                 19.50                
116.38-palmeri SB41 /17/ Ramos Arispe, often without centrals        19.50                                                          
118.4-potosina small white flower, thin sp                           19.50                
121.5-pseudoradians FO-047 Buenavista, Oax., shiny yellow sp         19.50                
122.2-pusilliflora Sra de la Paila, bright pink fl                   19.50                
122.9-radians /16/ stiff adpressed white sp, big yellow flowers      19.50                
124-radians SB599 /17/ Vizarron, Qro., fewer spines                  19.50                
127-recurvata SB719 /16/ Santa Cruz Co, AZ                           27.10                
129.5-runyonii DJF1035.45 /17/ Starr Co, TX, soft pink flower        27.10                
130-runyonii SB855 /17/ Jim Hogg Co, TX, frilly pink fl              27.10                
#163-werdermannii SB575 /13,16/ Cuatrocienagas, Coah.                27.10                
#163.1-werdermannii PP200 /16/ Hundido, Coah                         27.10
Cumarinia, /3,6,13,15/ very small plant from Mexico                               
165-odorata soft tubercles, hooked spines                            13.70     36.
Echinocactus, /6/ barrel cacti, from Mexico & USA                                
169.9-grusonii /16/ tight golden spines, wooly top                   13.70     36. 57.        
171.3-horizonthalonius SNL94 White City, NM, white wooly top        100.00                
176-parryi SB59 /4,9,11,16/ s Cd Juarez, Chih., yellow-red fl       132.00                
176.5-polycephalus /4,11,17/ Searchlight, loves dry heat in summer   58.00                
176.75-xeranthemoides /17/ Meadview AZ, super spines, rigid         100.00    266.            
176.8-polycephalus /17/ w New Berry Springs, Ca                      58.00    150.            
177.03-polycephalus n Baker, CA                                      58.00    150.                    
177.4-texensis SB261 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, long stiff spines             37.00    120.            
177.92-texensis SB2006 /17/ Roosevelt Co, NM, pink - orange fl       37.00    120.
Echinocereus, /2,6,8/ large diverse genus, super flowers                         
180-adustus SB72 /17/ Cosihuiriachi, Chih., black centrals           27.10                
180.4-adustus v schwarzii L1305 /16/ very nice flowers               27.10                
190.5-chloranthus SB918 Hudspeth Co, TX, red spines                  27.10                
190.66-chloranthus v cylindricus `corellii' SB743 shiny yellow sp    27.10     75.            
190.7-chloranthus v cylindricus SB1040 /18/ Lincoln Co, NM, red stem 27.10                
191.2042-cinerascens SB1820 /16/ 35 m n Cd San Luis Posoti           19.50                
191.2044-coccineus /18/ clump forming, dense needle-like sp          13.70                
191.20456-coccineus AG11 double pink flowered selection, Jarillas    27.10                
191.2048-coccineus SB747 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, shaggy spines         27.10                
191.2049-coccineus /18/ Dona Ana Mts., fewer spines, fat stems       27.10                
191.205-coccineus SB49 Sierra Co, NM, hummingbirds love them         27.10                
191.21-coccineus SB128 /18/ Sandia Mts, NM, dense clusters           27.10                
191.2104-coccineus JRT593 Jarilla Mts., NM, rare white flowering     27.10     78.            
191.2105-coccineus SB236 /188,/ Jarilla Mts, NM, multicolored fl     27.10                
191.2106-coccineus SB243 /18/ Otero Co., NM, pink fl.                27.10                
191.211-coccineus SB344 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, very long shiny sp     27.10                
191.214-coccineus SB850 /18/ Ladrone Mt, NM, long dense spines       27.10     75.            
191.218-coccineus SB1729 /18/ Bluewater Lake, NM, small stems        27.10                
191.257-coccineus v gurneyi Elk, NM, small clusters of thick heads   19.50                
191.26-coccineus v gurneyi SB396 Brewster Co, TX, very fat           27.10                
191.28-coccineus v paucispinus SB406 Kimble Co, Tx                   27.10     75.            
191.285-coccineus v paucispinus SB402 Crockett Co, TX, flabby stems  27.10                
191.299-dasyacanthus AG16 /17/ Alamagordo, NM, huge yellow flower    27.10                
191.36-dasyacanthus /17/ silver-yellow-pink sp                       27.10                
191.37-pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' L704 /17/ Cuchilla Parado   27.10                
191.38-dasyacanthus RP154 /17/ Eddy Co,NM, pink sp, huge yellow fl   27.10     75.            
191.4-dasyacanthus SB135 /13,17/ El Paso Co, TX, grey-pink spines    27.10                
191.41-dasyacanthus SB224 /17/ Lincoln Co, NM, yellow fl             27.10                
191.42-dasyacanthus SB242 /17/ Otero Co, NM, pink+ yellow spines     27.10                 
191.45-dasyacanthus SB732 Pecos Co, TX, red/white fl                 27.10     78.            
191.46-dasyacanthus SB870 /13,18/ San Miguel Co, NM                  27.10     78.            
193.3-delaetii /13,17/ long yellow-white hairs on stem               37.00                
194.34-engelmannii v bonkerae RP71 Oracle, AZ, short spines          27.10                
194.383-engelmannii v chrysocentrus Indian Springs NV, super spines  13.70                
196-engelmannii v variegatus SB476 /18/ Flagstaff, AZ                19.50                
198.8-enneacanthus /17/ Est. Marte, Coah., incredible spines         19.50                
198.812-enneacanthus /17/ Sierra Blanca, Tx, huge pink flowers       13.70                
198.82-enneacanthus SB700 Cuchillo, Coah, massive spines             13.70     36.            
200-enneacanthus v brevispinus SB407 /17/ Kimble Co, TX              13.70                
202-enneacanthus SB676 /13,17/ Presidio Co, thick stems, long sp     13.70                
203-enneacanthus SB838 Jimenez, Chih, pink-purple fl, new spines red 13.70     36.            
206.8-fendleri /18/ fat soft stem, huge purple flowers               19.50                
206.94-fendleri DJF1130.4 San Juan Co, NM, curly white spines        27.10                
208.04-fendleri SB1463 /18/ San Juan Co, NM, curly white sp          27.10                
208.1-engelmannii v bonkerae SB521 /17/ Gila Co, AZ, short spines    19.50                
208.11-engelmannii v bonkerae SB522 Salt River Canyon, Az            27.10                
208.27-engelmannii v fasciculatus RP124 Sedona, Az, black centrals   13.70                
208.33-engelmannii v fasciculatus SB1776 /17/ Dos Cabezas Mts, Az    19.50                
208.35-engelmanii v fasciculatus DJF1095.26 Soloman Az               19.50                
208.36-fendleri v kuenzleri /18/ thick white corky spines            27.10                
208.56-fendleri v hempelii /18/ very fat stem, brown sp              19.50                
208.62-fendleri v hempelii SB187 /17/ Buenaventura                   27.10                
208.63-fendleri v hempelii SB193 Buenaventura, Chih                  27.10                
211-engelmannii v fasciculatus SB162 Hidalgo Co, 7 cm long spines    13.70     36.            
213.7-ferreirianus long bright red spines, huge pink fl              27.10                
215-fitchii SB853 /17/ Jim Hogg Co, TX, short brown sp               19.50                
216.5-fitchii v armatus /177/ bristly brown sp                       13.70                
216.6-fitchii v armatus JS47 /17/ Huasteca Canyon, shaggy dark sp    19.50                
221.03-leonensis /17/ underground stolons, huge flowers              13.70                
221.3-X lloydii SB731 /17/ Pecos Co, TX, super colorful huge fl      27.10                
221.4-X lloydii SB1082 /17/ Brewster Co, multicolored fl             27.10     75.            
221.52-longisetus SB1707 /17/ Encantada, Coah, long white hairs      27.10                
224.58-pamanesiorum /17/ soft slender stem, huge pink flowers        19.50                
227.5-pectinatus SB1035 /16/ Huizache, SLP, tiny red-pink sp         27.10     75.            
227.67-pectinatus v wenigeri DJF80.03 e Cuatrocienagas, pink fl      27.10                
228-pectinatus v wenigeri `ctenoides' SB186 Majalca, yellow fl       27.10                
228.4-pectinatus v wenigeri `ctenoides' SB967 yellow-orange fl       27.10                
228.43-pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' SB1477 Brewster Co, TX      27.10         78.            
229-pectinatus v wenigeri SB1889 /17/ Santa Theresa, Coah, pink sp   27.10                
229.5-pectinatus SB553 /17/ Salinas, SLP, banded spines              27.10         75.   130.        
229.6-pectinatus SB1142 Ramon Arispe, Coah., pink sp                 27.10                
240-pectinatus v wenigeri SB380 /17,/ Val Verde Co, Tx               27.10                
240.1-pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' SB1094 Jimenez,Chih, pink sp 27.10               
240.2-pectinatus v wenigeri SB1159 Escalon, Chih.                    27.10                
240.22-pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' SB1536 w Muzquiz, orange fl 27.10                
240.92-pentalophus SB1083 /16/ ('procumbens') Starr Co, TX           19.50                
241-berlandieri SB860 /17/ Cameron Co,TX, many HUGE purple fl        19.50         58.            
241.1-berlandieri SB1023 Jim Hogg Co, Tx, slender fingers            13.70                
246.6-primolanatus SB1037 /13,16/ Cuatrocienagas, tiny pink sp       27.10                
246.83-rayonensis /16/ small bright pink flowers                     27.10                
246.9-reichenbachii /18/ huge satiny purple flower                   19.50                
246.92-reichenbachii v caespitosus /18/ satiny frilled pink fl       27.10                
247.714-reichenbachii JRT214 Reagan,OK, white-peach-purple sp        27.10                
247.716-reichenbachii JRT301 Barber Co,KS, black orange-red spines   27.10                
247.75-reichenbachii L1061 Las Crucitas, Tam, pure white spines      27.10                
250.3-reichenbachii SB1166 /13,17/ Ramos Arispe, Coah, brown spines  27.10                
250.52-reichenbachii v albispinus /18/ Troy, OK, all white spines    27.10                
250.6-reichenbachii v baileyi /18/ shaggy spines, frilled fl         27.10                
250.601-reichenbachii v baileyi /18/ Apache, Caddo Co, OK, white     27.10                
250.603-reichenbachii v baileyi DJF1308 Granite, OK, shaggy spines   27.10                
250.61-reichenbachii v baileyi SB211 /18/ Kiowa Co,OK, rust-pink sp  27.10                
250.62-reichenbachii v baileyi Lawton, Comanche Co, OK, pink spines  27.10                
250.7-reichenbachii v perbellus /18/ brown spines                    19.50                
250.708-reichenbachii v perbellus RP121 /18/ Timpas, Col, purple fl  27.10         75.            
250.71-reichenbachii v caespitosus DJF801.29 Taylor Co, Tx           27.10                
250.72-reichenbachii v perbellus DJF971.5 /18/ Pueblo Co, CO         27.10                
250.73-reichenbachii v perbellus SB85 /18/ Harding Co, NM            27.10                
250.7322-reichenbachii v perbellus SB381 Howard Co., Tx.             27.10                
250.733-reichenbachii v perbellus SB451 Quay Co, NM                  27.10                
250.735-reichenbachii v perbellus SB1478 Chaves Co,NM, small singles 19.50                
250.739-reichenbachii v perbellus SB2010 /18/ Pueblo, CO, small form 27.10                
250.7392-reichenbachii v perbellus SB2013 Roger Mills Co, OK, fat    27.10                
250.74-reichenbachii v perbellus Wenoka, Woods Co, OK, brown spines  27.10                
250.755-rigidissimus AG60 /17/ w Nogales, Az., red-pink sp.          27.10         75.            
250.79-rigidissimus v rubispinus L088 /17/ bright pink spines        58.00                
250.8-X roetteri /13,17/ (cocc x dasy) multicolor flowers            19.50                
250.82-X roetteri SB243A /17/ Sacramento Mts, NM                     27.10     78.            
250.84-X roetteri RP125 Orogrande, NM, mixed peach, pink & gold      19.50     58.            
250.86-X roetteri SB993 Otero Co, NM, brilliant red fl               19.50     58.    105.    192.   
251-russanthus /18/ very fine red spines, dark flowers               19.50                
253-russanthus 'weedenii' /17/ Davis Mts, Tx, dense yellow sp        27.10     78.            
253.1-russanthus DJF1011.31 Brewster co, very short centrals         27.10                
253.4-russanthus SB47 /17/ Sierra Co, NM, long thin red spines       27.10                
254-russanthus SB420 Brewster Co, Tx, long red spines                27.10                
255.5-russanthus SB965 Brewster Co, Tx, green fl, yellow+red sp.     27.10                
256.35-scheeri L1082 Durango - Mazatlan, long red flower tube        19.50                
256.63-scheeri v obscuriensis clump forming, long hairy fl           27.10                
#256.7-schmollii /17/ (Wilcoxia) white hairlike spines               27.10                
257.2-sciurus SB1258 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, squirrels tails            27.10                
257.3-sciurus v floresii short dense spines                          19.50                
258-spinigemmatus L1246 /15/ San Andres, Jal, dense yellow spines    19.50                
258.28-stramineus SB354 /13,17/ Otero Co, NM, clump forming          19.50                
258.3-stramineus SB499 Pedricena, Dur, white-black-red spines        13.70                
258.5-stramineus SB1038 San Pedro, Coah, very dense white spines     13.70                
260.4-subinermis v ochoterenae huge shiny yellow flowers             19.50                
260.57-triglochidiatus /18/ dark green stem, red-orange fl           19.50     58.    105.        
260.58-triglochidiatus DJF1145 Alamogordo, NM, super heavy black sp  27.10     75.    130.        
260.65-triglochidiatus /18/ El Paso Co, COL, far north habitat       27.10                
260.9-triglochidiatus SB1598 /18/ Otero Co, NM, stems over 1m tall   27.10     75.    130.        
261-triglochidiatus SB201 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, fewest spines        27.10                
261.2-triglochidiatus RP114 /18/ Laguna, NM, long spined form        27.10                
261.5-triglochindiatus SB223 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, robust, heavy sp  27.10                
262-triglochidiatus SB300 /18/ Corona, Torrance Co, NM, thick stem   27.10                
283.73-viridiflorus RP88 /18/ Ft Union, NM, ex type location         27.10                
286.8-viridiflorus SB872 /18/ Saguache Co, Colo                      27.10                
289-websterianus upright chunky stem, very nice fl                   19.50     58.            
290-websterianus L098 Isla San Pedro Nolasco                         27.10                
295-mix rainbows, claret cups, hedgehogs, super flowering            13.70     36.     57.   102. 
Echinofossulocactus, /2,6,15-16/ wavy ribs, from Mexico                          
295.5-albatus white wooly apex, small yellow flowers                 27.10                
298.33-crispatus N82.108 n Ca$ada Morelos, Pue                       19.50                
298.36-crispatus N87.016 Boye, Hgo                                   19.50                
299.13-erectocentrus SB309 /17/ Galeana, NL, in grassy meadows       27.10                
299.14-phyllacanthus 'grandicornus' SB437 /16/ Huizache, long sp     27.00     75.    130.        
299.15-erectocentrus SB1365 e Matehuala, twisted papery sp           19.50     58.            
299.16-phyllac v violaciflorus SB438 /16/ near SLP, SLP, wooly       19.50     58.            
299.19-erectocentrus GL89-3 /17/ Aramberri, NL, white-purple fl      19.50                
299.2-erectocentrus SB1041 /17/ Matehuala, SLP                       19.50     58.            
299.21-erectocentrus SB1150 Chapultepec, Coah, flat stemmed          19.50                
299.24-erectocentrus SB1565 n Tanquecillos, NL, very long thin sp    27.10                
299.25-erectocentrus SB1772 /17/ Palmas Altas, Coah                  19.50     58.            
299.26-erectocentrus SB1883 /17/ sw Ascencion, very robust spines    19.50     58.            
299.3-lamellosus /15/ 'hastatus', long centrals, huge pink fl        19.50     58.            
300.5-erectocentrus L738 /17/ Cinco de Mayo, Coah                    19.50     58.            
302-erectocentrus L1008 /17/ Saltillo, Coah                          19.50                
309.1-erectocentrus /17/ spines converge into upright bundle         19.50     58.            
309.12-erectocentrus DJF758.38 s Cedros, Zac                         19.50                
309.31-erectocentrus SB268 Escondido, NL, white/purple fl            19.50     58.            
309.32-erectocentrus SB286 /13,17/ Doctor Arroyo, NL, in mud pans    19.50     58.            
309.425-zacatecasensis thin wavy ribs, spiny stem, large pink fl     27.10                
309.43-multicostatus SB1147 /13,16D/ Los Imagines, Coah, 150+ ribs!  27.10     78.    135.        
309.49-ochoterenaus wooly stem, slender red spines                   19.50     58.            
314.02-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus small purple fl                 19.50     58.            
314.05-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus large deep purple flowers       19.50                
314.2-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus SB107 /16/ Salinas, boney spines 19.50     58.            
314.3-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus SB112 /17/ San Juan del Rio      19.50                
316.7-vaupelianus /17/ yellow spines, very wooly apex                19.50                
316.75-'xiphacanthus' long very thin spines                          19.50                
320.8-zacatecasensis SB1953 Sra Jerez, Zac, dark red spines          27.10                
322.2-sp mix of various forms and spination                          27.10     75.
Echinomastus, /3,6,8,11/ dense spines, Mexico & USA                              
326.5-dasyacanthus SB81 /13,17/ T-C, Sierra Co, NM, thin red stem    27.10                
334.9-johnsoni /17/ Meadview, Az, spines yellow + pink, pink fl      74.00                
337-laui /17/ thick recurved fanglike centrals                       27.10
Echinopsis, /3,6,14-17/ large nocturnal flowers                                  
346.9-leucantha /17/ grey body, stout spines                         19.50                
346.939-leucantha DJF415 23 k s Cafayate, Salta                      13.70                
346.9406-leucantha DJF472 San Jose Jachal, heavy curly spines        19.50                
346.95-leucantha MLV22 Cafayate, Arg., 1500m, super curly dark sp    19.50                
347.6-mamillosa v kermesina /17/ long pink-red colorful flowers      19.50     58.   105.   192.   
348-mirabilis /16/ small erect stem, long white flowers              13.70     36.    57.   102.   
350.3-silvestrii R160 short very stiff spines                        19.50                
351-subdenudata /16/ small green stem, tiny spines                   19.50     58.   105.   192.   
351.15-tapecuana FR777 Tapecua, O'Connor, Bol., white flowers        19.50                
351.4-vallegrandensis KK1528 Valle Grande, Bol                       19.50                
352.1-mix /16/ huge nocturnal flowers, many colors                   19.50 
Epithelantha, /3,6,8,11,13,16/ tiny plants                                        
353-micromeris /17/ tight white spines, tiny button-stem             27.10                
354-micromeris SB56 Caballo Mts, Sierra Co, NM, coarse spination     27.10                
358-micromeris SB256 /17/ Eddy co, NM, tiny heads, clusters          27.10     78.            
359.2-micromeris SB1327 /18/ near Belen, NM, furthest north known    27.10 
Escobaria, /3,6,8,15-18/ small spiny plants (Neobesseya)                         
370.94-albicolumnaria DJF824.42 /13,17/ Brewster Co,TX, red fruit    19.50                
372.5-chaffeyi Bustamante, NL, conical bristly stem, red fruits      19.50                
373.2-chaffeyi SB966 /17/ Brewster Co, Tx, tiny plants               19.50                
376-dasyacantha /17/ Presidio Co, Tx ex D Cowper collection          19.50                
376.2-dasyacantha /17/ Sheffield, Pecos Co, TX, shaggy white sp      19.50                
376.5-dasyacantha HK380 /17/ Candelaria, Tx, pink sp, red fruits     19.50     58.            
377-dasyacantha SB601 /17/ Presidio Co, Tx, robust form, tall        19.50                
377.2-dasyacantha SB907 Presidio Co, thick white snowballs           19.50                
377.4-dasyacantha SB968 /17/ Brewster Co, pink tipped spines         19.50                
381-duncanii SB467 /17/ sw Cuatrocienegas, Coah, caespitose          27.10                
381.3-hesteri SB430 Brewster Co, tiny heads, clusters                19.50                
381.8-laredoi SB289 /17/ G. Cepeda, Coah, red flowers, white sp      27.10                
388-orcuttii v macraxina SB372 Hidalgo Co, NM, clusters              19.50     58.            
390.22-roseana SB277 /17/ Los Imagines, Coah, small heads            19.50                
396-sneedii SB730 /13,17/ Eddy Co, NM, reddish flowers               27.10                
397-sneedii SB173 /18/ Dona Ana Co, NM, mostly pink flowers          27.10                
397.2-sneedii SB1043 n Dona Ana Co, NM, shaggy spination             27.10                
398.1-tuberculosa SB2003 Sta Eulalia, Chih, dense pink-grey sp       19.50     58.            
410-villardii SB66 /13,17/ Otero Co, NM, dense spines                27.10                
410.01-vivipara /18/ small heads hide in grasslands                  19.50     58.            
410.15-vivipara /18/ Sulphur, Murray Co, Ok                          19.50                
410.1522-vivipara JRT1111 Pueblo Co CO, big stems, red sp            19.50                
410.153-vivipara DJF801.42 /18/ Abeline, Taylor Co, TX               19.50     58.            
410.155-vivipara DJF802.42 /18/ Garza Co, Tx                         19.50                
410.1575-vivipara DJF1320 Robert Lee, Tx                             19.50                
410.16-vivipara SB383 Howard Co, Tx, red centrals                    19.50                
410.17-vivipara SB923 /18/ Keith Co, Ne., single stems               19.50                
410.18-vivipara SB981 /18/ Laramie Co, WY                            19.50                
410.3343-vivipara v arizonica DJF804 /18/ w Belen, NM, dark sp       19.50                
410.3372-vivipara v arizonica DJF1415 /18/ nw Cuba, NM               19.50                
410.37-vivipara v arizonica SB748 /18/ San Juan Co, NM               19.50                
410.391-vivipara v arizonica SB1731 /18/ Cibola Co, NM, dark spines  19.50                
410.42-vivipara v bisbeeana SB455 /17/ SW Sierra Co, NM              19.50                
410.68-vivipara v neomexicana /18/ pink tipped spines                19.50                
410.72-vivipara v neomexicana SB129 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM             19.50     58.            
410.75-vivipara v arizonica SB701 /18/ Bernalillo Co, NM             19.50                
410.8-vivipara v neomexicana SB721 /18/ El Paso Co, Tx, shaggy sp    19.50     58.            
410.85-vivipara v neomexicana SNL100 White City, NM                  19.50                
410.88-vivipara v radiosa /17/ Pecos Co, TX, dark red centrals       19.50                
410.92-vivipara v radiosa SB388 /18/ Kimble Co,TX, big magenta fl    19.50                
410.96-vivipara v radiosa SB926 Kerr Co, TX, brown sp                19.50                
410.976-zilziana /17/ miniature, sharp spines, bright red fruits     13.70                
410.977-zilziana 'chariacantha' /17/ fat taproot, squat stem         13.70                
411-zilziana SB602 /13,17/ Lerdo,Dur, fat yellow taproot,red fruit   19.50
Escontria, /3,6,14/ cereoid from Mexico                                           
414.52-chiotilla Totalapan, shiny green stem, short spines           27.10
Espostoa, /14-15/ wooly columnar plants, Peru                                    
414.61-baumannii KK300 white-orange bristly hairs                    27.10                
414.69-hylaea pale yellow spines                                     27.10     75.            
416.63-mirabilis covered with yellow-pink-white sp                   19.50 

Eulychnia, /14/ low spiny bushes, Chile, full sun                               
416.6409-breviflora PV2386 Totoral, low branches, gold wooly fruit   27.10
Ferocactus, /3,6,8/ colored spines, likes full sun                               
416.72-chrysacanthus L010 /15/ Cedros Is, brilliant yellow-red sp    37.00    120.            
416.96-cylindraceus v lecontei /16/ densely spined, columnar         19.50     58.            
420-echidne /16/ low thick green stem, stays small                   19.50                
421.5-glaucescens /14/ bright yellow spines, fl when small           27.10     75.            
422.03-gracilis Catavina, BCN, Super long spines                     27.10     75.            
422.05-gracilis Rosarito, BCN, 'fire barrel'                         27.10                
422.2-gracilis SB1281 Mission S Fernando, BCN, bright red spines     27.10                
422.62-gracilis `coloratus' SB1282 Sta Rosalillita,BCN               27.10                
423-hamatacanthus GL150 /17/ Pecos Co, Tx, very long pink-red sp     19.50                
424.89-latispinus /17/ broad red spined plants                       27.10     75.            
425.64-latispinus v spiralis SB547 Totolapan, Oax, green body, nice  19.50     58.            
425.68-lindsayi SB535 Infiernillo, Mich, hotter than he!!            37.00                
425.7-macrodiscus small stem, super red + white flowers              27.10                
425.89-peninsulae /14/ stout red spines, columnar in age             13.70     36.            
425.9311-peninsulae SB1646 Las Flores, BCN, striped orange-red fl    27.10                
427.87-rectispinus very long straight spines                         19.50     58.            
427.93-rectispinus Sra San Francisco, from longest spined            27.10     78.            
430-santamaria SB1237 /14/ San Carlos, BCS, heavy hooked grey sp     27.10     75.            
430.5-sinuatus v papyracanthus SB282 Jaumave, Tam, papery spines     27.10                
431.5-viridescens RAR69 /16/ San Diego Co, Ca, yellow-green flowers  27.10     75.            
431.55-viridescens DJF4.37 /16/ Las Palmas, BCN                      19.50                
431.58-viridescens RP99 /16/ Otay Mesa, CA                           19.50     58.   105.        
431.8-wislizenii /17/ squat thick barrel cactus                      13.70     36.            
431.82-wislizenii /16/ Tucson, yellow spines and flowers             19.50     58.            
433-wislizeni SB228 /17/ Luna Co, NM, orange flowers                 13.70     36.            
433.16-wislizeni v ajoensis s Gila Bend, AZ, super long spines       27.10                
433.32-wislizenii v herrerae hairlike radials                        13.70     36.
Glandulicactus, /3,6,8,11,13,16-17/ bluish body, hooked sp                      
442.72-mathssoni /17/ all spines thick, hooked                       13.70         36.            
442.725-mathssoni HO-152 /17/ San Luis de la Paz, industrial spines  19.50                
442.73-mathssoni SB1449 /17/ San Luis de la Paz, super spines        19.50                
442.74-uncinatus /17/ grey green body, early flowers                 13.70         36.    57.        
442.743-uncinatus DJF615 /17/ Catorce, SLP, flabby stem, black fl    13.70                
442.745-uncinatus DJF629 San Roberto, NL, black flowers              13.70         36.            
442.747-uncinatus JS216 La Joya, NL, fat open stem                   13.70                
442.75-uncinatus SB252 Dr Arroyo, NL, dark rusty fl                  13.70     36.    57.        
442.751-uncinatus SB718 /16/ n San Roberto, NL, dark brown flower    13.70     36.    57.        
442.752-uncinatus SB1482 Huizache, SLP, fat squat green body         13.70                
442.753-uncinatus SB1483 Tula, Tam, lives in flat clay pans          13.70                
442.755-uncinatus SB1723 Cos, Zac, in deep sand, unusual             19.50                
442.76-wrightii /17/ rusty red flowers, long white hooks             13.70     36.    57.        
442.7602-wrightii DJF754 Cerro Bola, Coah, upright white centrals    13.70                
442.762-wrightii GL704 /17/ Pecos Co, TX, whopper stem, 30 cm tall   19.50                
442.763-wrightii L654 La Zarca, Dur, in age very tall, 50 cm         13.70     36.            
442.764-wrightii SB232 /17/ Dona Ana Co, 20cm long spines, robust    27.10     75.   130.        
442.766-wrightii SB338 /17/ Otero Co,NM, tiny form, in rock cracks   13.70     36.            
442.767-wrightii JRT4311 Glass Mts, TX, new spines red               13.70                
442.768-wrightii SB341 /17/ El Paso Co, TX, early rust flowers       13.70     36.            
442.769-wrightii SB343 Dona Ana Co, NM, hides in grass patches       13.70                
442.77-wrightii SB404 Crockett Co, TX, new spines red                13.70     36.    57.   102.   
442.771-wrightii SB840 /17/ Cuatrocienagas, tiny grey stem           13.70     36.            
442.775-wrightii JS52 Nazas, Dur, quite tall stem                    13.70     36.            
442.78-wrightii DJF753.35 Tacubaya, Coah                             13.70     36.    57.
Gymnocactus, /3,6,8,13,16/ densely spined, Mexico                                
445.8-booleanus Mp Galeana, deep tuber, rich pink flowers            58.00
Gymnocalycium, /3,6/ nice spines, freely flowering                                
453.97-ambatoense P22 Sierra Ambato, stout curved spines cover stem  19.50                
457-baldianum /17/ dark green stem, large deep red flowers           19.50                
457.542-borthii P178 /17/ Mercedes, San Luis, fat violet brown stem  19.50                
457.6-brachypetalum P101 /17/ Rio Negro, Arg., large white fl        19.50                
460.5-castellanosii /17/ bluish green body, thick white sp           19.50                
460.7-castellanosi P80 Sierra Malaza                                 19.50     58.            
464.082-ferrari P136 La Rioja 1000m, dark olive green stem           19.50                
465-gibbosum /18/ dark grey stem, stout spines                       19.50     58.            
468.706-horridispinum ssp achirasense /17/ huge pale pink flowers    13.70     36.            
468.72-horridispinum L517 /17/ La Mudana 1200m, thick fuzzy spines   19.50                
468.82-hybopleurum L503 heavy curved spines                          27.10                
469.1-intertextum /16/ heavy interlacing spines                      19.50                
469.5-kozelskyanum /16/ very flat stem, dark bronze pancake          13.70                
469.52-bozsingianum P205 Chepes Viejo, smooth dark grey body         19.50                
469.64-marquezii dark coppery red stem, dark spines                  13.70     36.   57.   102.   
469.65-marquezii KK521 Villa Montes, fat light green stem, white sp  13.70     36.            
469.81-mazanense STO-124 e Mazan, La Rioja, flat stem, thick taproot 19.50     58.            
469.85-mazanense v ferox P30A dark spines                            27.10                
469.87-mazanense v polycephalum P223 Sa de Velasco, pink flowers     27.10                
476.423-neuhuberi VS8 Suyuque Nuevo, white-pink fl                   27.10     75.            
476.62-occultum P131 B Sra Ambato, flat stem, short black spines     19.50                
479.3-oenanthemum thick rounded stem, pink-red fl                    13.70                
479.45-pflanzii velvety thick rounded stem                           13.70     36.            
479.5-pflanzii KK717 Millares, thick rounded body, apricot-pink fl   13.70     36.            
479.52-pflanzii KK523 Yacuiba, Arg., salmon-pink fl                  13.70     36.   57.        
479.55-pflanzii v albipulpa purple body, peach-orange flowers        13.70     36.            
479.6-pflanzii v lagunillasense round stem, large flower             13.70                
479.62-pflanzii v lagunillasense KK850 Lagunillas, Bol.              13.70     36.   57.        
484.1-quehlianum v albispinum R103A Sierra Chica, pale green stem    13.70                
484.48-riograndense flat shiny green stem, wide ribs                 13.70                
484.7-ritterianum P219 grey green body, curly white spines           13.70     36.            
485-saglionis /17/ low flat stem, large tubercles                    13.70     36.            
485.251-saglionis DJF303 La Vina, Salta                              19.50                
486.4-schatzlianum short white fuzzy sp, yellow fl                   13.70                
486.5-schatzlianum P93 /17/ Sierra de la Ventana                     13.70                
487.5-schickendatzii R133 Patquia, La Rioja, rough grey body         13.70                
487.78-schickendantzii P17A Sierra de Velasco, Arg, fuzzy grey sp    13.70                
487.8-schickendantzii P17I dark grey stem, white spines              19.50                
490.27-striglianum Charos de Covia, basic black body                 27.10     75.            
490.3-stuckertii heavy rough spines, white flower                    13.70     36.            
490.37-taningaense P212 Taninga, grey epidermis                      13.70                
490.39-tilcarense /17/ broad flat stem, curved spines                13.70     36.            
490.42-tilcarense TILL93-574 Tilcara, grows into very thick stem     13.70                
490.8-tillianum dark grey stem, apple red flowers                    19.50                
491.8-valnicekianum /16/ long interlacing white spines               13.70     36.            
491.9-valnicekianum Capilla del Monte, long curly sp                 13.70     36.            
493.5-valnicekianum P83 Cap del Monte, white/red flowers             13.70                
495.6-zegarrae KK524 thick rounded tubercles                         13.70                
495.96-sp mix, of various kinds, fist-like buds                      13.70
Haageocereus, /14/ short spiny columnar stem, full sun                           
498.634-repens CS319 Trujillo, horizontal creeper, white fl          27.10     75.  130.   235. 
Hamatocactus, /3,6,15-17/ quick growers, colorful flowers                        
500-setispinus /17/ unusual pure yellow flowers, yellow fruit        19.50     58.            
501-setispinus 'hamatus' fragrant yellow/red flowers                 19.50     58.            
502-setispinus 'hamatus' GL154 San Antonio, Tx, low red stem         19.50     58.            
503.5-setispinus 'hamatus' SB985 /17/ Val Verde Co,Tx                13.70                
503.6-setispinus 'hamatus' SB1811 /17/ Kimble Co, TX, many flowers   19.50                
503.8-setispinus v setaceus dense yellow bristly spines              13.70                
504-setispinus v setaceus /17/ Starr Co, Tx, many bristly sp         13.70                
505-setispinus v setaceus SB851 Jim Hogg Co, Tx                      13.70     36.            
506-setispinus v setaceus SB867 Starr Co, Tx, hairlike radials       13.70                
507-sp mix, very freely flowering all summer                         13.70     36.                                            
Leuchtenbergia, /3,6,8,13,16/ long tubercles, deep taproot                        
522-principis /17/ long thin papery spines, deep taproot             27.10
Lobivia, /2,6,15-17/ small with very colorful flowers                            
524-aurea /17/ short dark black sp., bright yellow fl.               13.70                
524.033-aurea DJF389 n Paca Tala, La Rioja, long white sp            19.50                
524.034-aurea DJF393 w Sanagasto, Cat, thick black sp                19.50                
524.05-aurea P14 dark red centrals, white radials                    19.50                
524.1-aurea R101 large bright yellow flowers                         19.50                
524.22-aurea v dobeana R527 sharp projecting red centrals            19.50                
524.272-aurea v fallax P137 La Rioja, very spiny form                19.50                
524.3-aurea v leucomalla /17/ short dense white spines               19.50    58.            
524.34-aurea v quinesensis with long thin spination                  19.50                
524.35-aurea v quinesensis R112 Sierra de San Luis                   19.50                
524.37-aurea v robustior P105 San Luis 1000m, long central spines    19.50    58.            
524.5-aurea v shaferi /17/ huge yellow flower, needlelike sp         13.70                
524.52-aurea v shaferi R152 Andalgala, long centrals                 19.50                
526.6-backebergii /17/ vivid pink-red flowers                        27.10                
527.131-backebergii v larae KK696 La Vina, Rio Caine, Bol            19.50                
527.8-caineana /16/ cylindric stem, violet rose fl.                  13.70                
535.63-einsteinii KK873 Sama 4000m, tiny stem hides in grass         27.10                
535.65-eunanthema KK798 Machacamarca 4000m, deep taproot, red fl     19.50                
535.78-ferox /17/ very long heavy black spines                       27.10    75.            
535.9-ferox v longispina R673 Uyuni, dark massive spines             27.10                
536.756-haagei v orurensis KK968 Oruro 4100m, huge thick tubers      13.70                
537.6-haematantha v densispina R30 Quebrada de Humahuaca             19.50                
537.7-haematantha v elongata MN19 Cachi, 2300m, yellow fl            19.50                
537.81-haematantha v kuenrichii L459 tiny squat stem, dark spines    19.50                
539-haematantha v rebutioides /17/ variable flower color, short sp   19.50                
539.21-haematantha v rebutioides MN38 se Purmamarca, 2600m           19.50                
539.23-haematantha v rebutioides R585A soft white spines             19.50                
539.68-lateritia /16/ tight stiff spines, cylindrical body           19.50                
541.6-pampana Moquequa - Torata, vivid orange flowers                19.50                
543.4-pugionacantha /17/ thick underground stem, red flowers         19.50                
543.42-pugionacantha DJF449 e Tafna, Jujuy                           27.10                
543.6-pugionacantha v culpinensis dark center in flower              19.50                
543.7-pugionacantha v culpinensis R83 Culpina, Bol, dense spines     19.50                
544.4-pygmaea /17/ huge underground taproot, tiny stem               19.50                
544.5-pygmaea KK972 very tiny stem, underground taproot              19.50                
544.502-pygmaea KK974 Poopo, Oruro                                   19.50                
544.55-pygmaea v diersiana /17/ tiny dark green stem, orange fl      19.50                
544.573-pygmaea v iscayachensis R335B Iscayachi, many red flowers    19.50                
546.148-steinmanii v christinae pink-grey stem, deep red flowers     19.50                
546.419-thionantha P144 powdery grey green stem, dark spines         19.50                
546.422-thionantha v brevispina short sharp black spines             19.50                
546.426-thionantha v ferrari Salta, very stout dark sp               19.50                
546.43-thionantha v glauca powdery grey stem, black sp               19.50                
546.46-thionantha v variiflora small grey stem, yellow-orange-red fl 19.50                
546.465-thionantha v variiflora Amaiche, Tucuman                     19.50                
546.47-thionantha v variiflora P149 very long grey spines            19.50                
547.5-sp mix, many super flowers, mixed colors                       19.50
Mammillaria, /6/ large diverse genus, most free-flowering                       
552.3-albicans /14/ white wooly stem, nice pink flowers              27.10                
552.7-albicans L034 /3,8,14/ Isla San Dieguito                       27.10                
553-albicoma SB271 /3,8,13,15/ Dr Arroyo, NL, all whiteness          27.10                
553.5-albilanata /3,13,14/ white spines and wool hide stem totally   27.00                
553.8-albilanata s Cues, Oax., white and wooly                       19.50                
554.5-albilanata Zopilote Canyon, with yellow long spines            19.50                
555.4-angelensis dense hooked spines, yellow-green fl                13.70                
555.7-apozolensis v saltensis L1045 Monte Escobedo, curly gold sp    19.50                
555.9-armillata JP85/1253 Elias Calles, BCS                          19.50                
556-armillata /3,11,14/ La Ventana, Baja                             27.10                
556.3-armillata LO53 Bahia de los Muertos, BCS, loves heat           13.70     36.            
556.32-armillata SB1256 San Jose del Cabo, slender stem              13.70                
566.8-baxteriana /3,14/ flat stem, greenish-yellow fl                13.70                
568.7-bella /3,14/ dense fine spines, red flowers                    13.70                
577.5-bocensis /14/ pink-green fl, bright rose fruits                13.70                
583.82-aff brauneana CSD140 Lampasitos, NL, white wooly crown        19.50                
584.3-calacantha /2,15/ gray spines, red flowers                     13.70                
584.6-camptotricha v albescens /3,14/ thick soft stem                19.50                
584.9-candida /13,16/ tight white spines, globose stem               27.10                
591.3-candida SB722 Guadalcazar, SLP, high peak form, short spines   27.10                
592-aff. candida SB827 Guaxcama, SLP                                 27.10                
593.6-candida f rosea bright pink spines                             27.10                
602.8-chionocephala Sandia, NL, fat stem get wooly in age            27.10                
602.83-chionocephala /16/ Sandia-Aramberri, white spines, wooly      19.50                
606-coahuilensis ML563 Viesca 1230m, squat stem hides in mud cracks  27.10                
607-coahuilensis SB699 /16/ Hipolito, Coah, mud crack dweller        27.10                
613.4-crassimamillis flat stem, huge fat tubercles                   19.50                
623-discolor /2,15/ low plant, dense spines                          13.70     36.            
623.7-discolor 'ochoterenae' FO-108 Sierra Mixteca, O                13.70                
624.7-dixanthocentron FO-251 /3,13,14/ Cues, Oax, curly yellow sp    19.50                
624.72-dixanthocentron Teotitlan del Camino, long thin yellow sp     27.10                
624.81-dixanthocentron FO-230 yellow flowers                         13.70                
624.86-dixanthocentron 'flavicentra' L680 Teotitlan-Huautla, spiny   19.50                
637-elongata v echinaria SB555 Cadereyta, Qro., sharp yellow sp      13.70                
640.5-estebanensis /3,8,14/ dense spines, green-white fl             19.50                
640.9-evermanniana /3,14/ globose stem, rigid white spines           13.70                
644.9-fraileana /3,8,14/ dark hooked spines, eye catching stigma     13.70                
646.51-fraileana SB1263 s Todos Santos, variable spine colors        19.50                
653.17-gasseriana SB2001 s Nazas, small high mountain form           27.10     78.            
661.6-grahamii DJF1000 /17/ Rincon Mts, NM, large pink flowers       19.50                
669-grusonii SB38 /3,13,16/ Cerro Bola, Coah., yellow flowers        13.70                
670-guelzowiana /3,8,16/ large pink-purple flowers                   27.10     75.            
671.1-guelzowiana SB1160 Rodeo, Dur., gold-red hooks                 27.10     78.            
671.2-guelzowiana SB465 Abasolo, Dur, long gold hooks, wooly         27.10     75.   130.        
677.94-halbingeri L1108 Ocotepec, white spines, small red flower     13.70                
679-haageana SB680 Tehuacan, Pue., 2-5 centrals                      13.70                
681-haageana f. conspicua long yellow-orange spines                  13.70                
684.6-haageana v schmollii FO-239 Axuxco, Pue, bright red fruits     13.70                
688.73-heyderi JRT4181 Kent Co,TX, cream-pink flowers                19.50                
691-heyderi v bullingtoniana SB604 Cuatrocienegas, small stems       13.70                
693-heyderi v bullingtoniana SB55 /18/ Sierra Co, NM, small stem     19.50                
704-hutchisoniana Tres Virginis, dense white radials                 13.70                
705.3-hutchisoniana SB1250 R. Los Angeles, BCS, short fat stem       13.70                
708-johnstonii SB432 /3,14/ San Carlos Bay, Son., red-white fl       13.70     36.            
718-lasiacantha SB233 /17/ Jarilla Mts, NM, pink sp, winter flowers  27.10                
720-lasiacantha SB414 Brewster Co, TX., pink spines                  27.10     78.            
737.4-longimamma v uberiformis makes all else look thin              27.10                
739-louisae SB1899 Socorro, Baja, thick taproot                      19.50     58.            
741.4-magallanii Parras Hotel, tiny stem, orange hooks when young    27.10                
743-magallanii SB143 Cerro Bola, Coah.                               27.10     75.            
744-magallanii v hamatispina tiny reddish stem, hooks                27.10                
746-magnimamma /15/ long curly spines, white-red fl                  13.70                
746.15-magnimamma Matehuala, SLP, long thin sp                       19.50                
747.5-magnimamma SB36 n of SLP, SLP, flat stem, clusters             13.70                
748-magnimamma SB40 Pachuca, Hgo, super thick curly spines           13.70                
750-magnimamma SB365 La Blanca, Zac., robust stems                   13.70                
750.6-magnimamma SB1841 Tanquecillos, bakes in mud flats             13.70                
762.8-grusonii /17/ n Parras, in baked mud flats, red centrals       13.70                
765.8-melanocentra Icamole, Coah., big white flowers                 13.70                
776.5-meyranii v michoacana ML646 Tuxpan, Mich, orange-brown sp      19.50                
777-microcarpa /3,8,15/ Florence Jct, AZ, dark sp, slender stem      13.70                
777.4-microcarpa Wickenburg, Az, extreme heat in summer              13.70                
781-microcarpa SB147 Sonoita, Son., white spines                     13.70                
785.1-microhelia San Jose de la Laja, Qro                            19.50                
789-moelleriana 'cowperi' yellow spined dazzler                      27.10                
792.2-moelleriana L1334 /15/ San Francisco de Organos, pink sp       19.50                
793-moelleriana SB498 Sombrerete, Zac., yellow flower                13.70                
794-mollendorffiana /2,15/ gray spines, red flowers                  13.70     36.            
799-multidigitata /3,8,14/ San Pedro Nolasco Isl, small green fl     13.70     36.            
802-mystax FO-250 /3,8,13,14/ Huajuapan, black twisted spines        13.70                
802.34-mystax FO-024 Sierra Mixteca, stout white sp, black tips      13.70                
811-nivosa /3,13,14/ yellow wooly axils, bright yellow sp            19.50                
814.9-obscura SB1 Fresnillo, Zac, red-pink flowers                   13.70                
822-pachycylindrica /3,13,16/ thick globose stem                     13.70     36.   57.        
822.7-pachycylindrica /16/ Nazas, Dur, dark pink-grey spines         13.70     36.            
838-picta SB284 Doctor Arroyo, lemon scented yellow fl, tuber-root   13.70                
839-picta SB944 Tula, Tam., tiny stem, fine spines                   13.70                
849.5-pondii slender stem with golden yellow spines                  27.10     75.            
854-pottsii SB429 Brewster Co, TX., tall erect stems                 13.70                
854.3-pottsii SB1563 Bermijillo, Dur, long brown sp                  13.70                
870.1-ritteriana SB337 /16/ La Ascencion, NL, high mountain forests  19.50                
872-roseo-alba SB285 Dr Arroyo, white fl, red fruit, lives in mud    13.70     36.            
872.5-roseocentra /3,8,13,16/ pink spines, tiny round body           19.50     58.            
872.8-roseocentra /3,8,13,16/ San Pedro, Coah, ex Cowper             19.50                
873-roseocentra Viesca, Coah., very tiny, hides in rock cracks       19.50                
875-roseocentra SB446 San Pedro de las Colonias, tiny pink sphere    19.50                
881-saetigera SB336 Galeana, long wool tufts with bud                13.70                
895.8-setispina long white hooks, red flowers                        27.10                
903.2-slevinii SB1251 San Juan del Costa, BCS, on gypsum             19.50                
909.5-sphacelata FO-065 Rio Hondo, Buena Vista, Oax.                 19.50                
909.65-sphacelata SB677 Tehuacan, Pue, frosted white-black spines    13.70                
909.7-sphacelata SB1277 Teotitlan, white frosted spines              19.50                
913.8-spinosissima /2,14/ dense fine red spines                      13.70                
915-spinosissima ML341 'haasii' Tejupilco, dense fine spines         19.50                
930-uncinata SB316 La Blanca, Zac., pinkish flowers                  13.70                
932.4-viescensis /16/ very thin white hooks, tiny stem               27.10                
932.42-viescensis Torreon, very tiny flowers                         27.10                
933-viperina SB836 /3,13,14/ Zapotitlan, Pue, frosted grey-red sp    19.50                
941.7-wagneriana L1529 /16/ S J Capistrano, Zac, super dark sp       19.50                
951-wohlschlageri /13,16/ Fresnillo, Zac, tiny white stem            27.10                
954-wrightii SB86 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, huge purple flowers          27.10                
960-yucatanensis /3,13,14/ yellow spines, pink flowers               13.70                
968.01-sp SB827 Guaxcama, SLP, a gypsum cliff dweller                27.10     75.            
968.115-sp mix, small freely flowering sorts, easily grown           13.70     36.            

Matucana, /3,6,14-15/ nice flowers, from Peru                                   
970.52-intertexta super orange flowers, shiny body                   19.50                

Melocactus, /3,6,14/ strong spines, cephalium when mature                        
973.1-broadwayi Topago, small white wooly cephalium                  27.10     75.            
974-curvispinus very thick curved spines                             19.50                
974.03-curvispinus Isla Margarita, Ven, rusty red cephalium          27.10                
974.3-dawsonii long yellow spines nearly cover stem                  19.50                
974.4-deinacanthus long shaggy radials point down                    27.10                
979-matanzanus tiny stem, bright orange-red cehpalium                27.10                
979.1-matanzanus Matanzas, Cuba, miniature                           27.10                
Mila, /3,6,14/ slender stems with bristly spines, Peru                           
985.4-fortalezensis KK1405 Rio Forteleza, bright yellow flowers      27.10                
985.47-nealeana KK454 Rio Eulalia, thick tuberous roots              27.10
Morawetzia, /15/ columnar sort from Peru, wooly                                  
985.585-sericata /15/ short clumping stems, very wooly               27.10
Neoporteria, /3,6,14/ variable low small plants, Chile                         
1030.03-atrispinosa KK42 disc shaped body, dark spines               13.70                
1030.046-cachytaensis v flaviflorus dark body, coppery flowers       19.50     58.            
1030.13-chilensis FK3 La Ligua, large open fuschia red flowers       19.50                
1030.24-clavata v procera KK5 stout curly black sp                   27.10                
1030.7374-curvispina La Higuera                                      27.10                
1030.755-curvispina v carrizalensis FK58-77                          13.70     36.            
1030.76-curvispina v echinus dark stem, heavy stout dark sp          13.70                
1030.79-curvispina v heinrichianus huge purple stem                  13.70                
1030.87-eriocephala KK1173 long white hairs under fl                 19.50                
1031.22-hankeana (Neoch), green body, grey spines                    13.70                
1031.26-islayensis (Islaya), thick downcurved spines                 19.50                
1031.261-islayensis KK350 Chala, sharp golden spines hide stem       19.50                
1031.275-islayensis f. grandiflorens yellow flowers, pink fruits     19.50                
1031.276-islayensis f. grandiflorens KK351                           19.50     58.            
1031.277-islayensis f. grandiflorens KK593                           19.50     58.            
1031.278-islayensis f. grandiflorens KK594 white wooly crown         19.50     58.            
1031.287-islayensis f mollendensis KK681                             13.70     36.            
1031.297-krainziana v longispina KK679 Moquequa, Chile               19.50                
1031.2975-krainziana KK1160 Tacna, Peru 400m, red fruits             19.50                
1033.14-multicolor KK98 El Molle 600m, stout golden spines           27.10                
1034.1-nidus KK1432 Ovalle, dense shaggy spines                      27.10                
1036.42-paucicostata FR521 20 k n Paposo, deep ribbed stem           19.50                
1036.43-paucicostata KK1303 freely flowering in late winter          19.50                
1036.5-paucicostata v viridis dark green body, copper flowers        19.50                
1036.54-paucicostata v viridis KK67 Paposo, purplish-grey-green stem 19.50     58.            
1037.3-rapifera low stem with taproot, dark grey-black sp            19.50                
1037.48-subgibbosa Zapallar, Acong., thick spiny stem                13.70                
1037.513-subgibbosa f castaneoides large wooly areoles, sharp sp     13.70                
1037.53-subgibbosa f. litoralis fine grey upright spines, pink fl    13.70     36.            
1037.54-subgibbosa v mamillaroides stiff needlelike spines           13.70     36.            
1037.55-subgibbosa v microsperma dark purple stem, many pink fl      13.70     36.            
1037.554-subgibbosa v microsperma FK326-82 10 k n La Serena          13.70                
1037.56-subgibbosa v microsperma KK8 La Serena 500m, pink fl         13.70     36.            
1037.58-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida long dark spines                   19.50                
1037.594-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida KK11 dark thick fuzzy sp          13.70     36.            
1037.6-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida KK13A Coquimbo, 300m                13.70     36.            
1037.63-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida 'nigra' KK26 Juan Soldado, Chile   13.70                
1037.658-taltalensis KK1172 Esmeralda                                19.50     58.            
1037.75-vexata FR1055 Morro Moreno, Antofagasta                      19.50                
1038-villosa tiny at maturity, long thin dark hairlike sp            19.50     58.            
1038.4-villosa KK51 Huasco Bajo, long upright hairs conceal stem     19.50     58.            
1038.42-villosa KK1603 Huasco 200m, robust centrals                  19.50     58.            
1039-wagenknechtii grey green stem, black fuzzy sp                   13.70                
1039.05-wagenknechtii FK182 short grey-black spines                  13.70                
1039.07-wagenknechtii KK120 La Serena, dense glassy spines           19.50                
1039.2-wagenknechtii v napina squat stem with taproot                13.70                
1039.24-wagenknechtii v napina FK178-79                              19.50                
1039.4-taltalensis Esmeralda, Chile, twisted black spines            19.50     58.   105.   192.   
1040.8-sp mix, small spiny interesting types, variable spination     13.70     36.    57.   102.                                 

Neowerdermannia, /2,6,15/ flat stem, thick taproot                              
1041.81-peruvianus KK2048 Moquequa, Rio Tambo                        58.00
Notocactus, /2,6,15-17/ bright yellow to red flowers                            
1052-concinnus /17/ stem with bald top, with spines around side      13.70     36.    57.        
1052.4-concinnus v parviflorus curly red tipped spines               13.70                
1064-leninghausii bristly yellow spines, white crown                 19.50     58.            
1065.8-magnificus powdery blue stems, bristly spines                 19.50     58.            
1065.9-magnificus FR1270 Serra Geral, blue body                      19.50                
1066.2-mammulosus R343 Uruguay, bright red stigma lobes, yellow fl   13.70                
1070-mueller-melchersii thick stem, bristly wooly fl                 13.70                
1076.5-roseoluteus /17/ salmon pink flowers                          19.50                
1077.5-schlosseri /17/ densely covered with orange spines            13.70     36.            
1077.6-schlosseri DV4 Garzon, Maldonado, orange spines               13.70                
1085.8-warasii tall erect stem, short bristly spines                 19.50     58.            
1086-werdermannianus very tight sharp yellow spines                  13.70                
1086.23-sp mix of small interesting, easy to flower sorts            13.70     36.
Opuntia, /4,6,9,12/ very diverse genus                                          
1086.72-basilaris SB1976 Silver Peak, NV, huge pink flowers          27.10                
1086.8255-bentonii /17/ Galveston, TX, modest sized, wet winter OK   19.50                
1086.865-chlorotica /17/ Music Mts, Meadview, many yellow sp         27.10                
1088.5-chisosensis SB992 /17/ Brewster Co,TX, long bright yellow sp  27.10                
1088.81-curvospina DJF1361 n Kingman, very spiny pads                27.10                
1092-engelmannii /17/ Carrizzozo, NM, huge edible fruits             27.10                
1104.11-imbricata /18/ Fremont Co, CO, tall with purple flowers      27.10     75.            
1104.19-imbricata SB99 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, dark purple flowers     27.10                
1104.483-lindheimeri /17/ Beeville,TX, to 7 ft tall, huge yellow fl  27.10                
1104.938-orbiculata /17/ Seymour, TX, bushy, 5 ft tall,round pads    27.10                
1105.5-phaeacantha DJF970.18 /18/ Fremont Co, Co., 2 ft tall         27.10                
1108.55-phaeacantha DJF1339 /18/ Belen, NM, long white/brown sp      27.10                
1119.956-soehrensii /16/ small spiny pads, seeds with red dye        27.10                
1119.98-spinosior DJF998 /18/ Kneeling Nun, NM, very spiny,green fl  27.10                
1122.23-stricta /16/ Bolivar Pen.,Tx, paddle joints, yellow sp       27.10                
1123.2606-sp /18/ mix, all sorts of flower colors                    27.10 
Oreocereus, /15-16/ showy short columnar, long hairs                          
1123.2638-hendriksenianus tall slender stem                          27.10     75.   130.
Parodia, /1,6,10,14-17/ most small, dense spines                                
1123.78-aureicentra /17/ dense hooked yellow spines, huge stem       13.70                
1124.56-camargensis KK497 hooked rusty brown spines, orange fl       13.70                
1124.6-camblayana KK1406 Rio Camblaya, orange hooks                  13.70     36.            
1126.5-carrerana KK1130 Las Carreras 2800m                           13.70                
1127.2-catamarcensis v rubriflorens HERZOG 137 flowers all summer    13.70                
1127.71-chirimoyarana KK1759 O'Conner, Bol. 1200m                    13.70                
1128-chrysacanthion tight brilliant yellow spines                    13.70     36.    57.        
1129-comarapana thin yellow spines, orange yellow fl                 13.70     36.            
1129.138-comosa KK1002 Rio La Paz, very wooly, shaggy sp             13.70                
1129.15-culpinensis short hooked spines, very wooly                  13.70                
1129.34-formosa very short spines cover stem                         13.70                
1129.81-glischrocarpa HERZOG 101 Salta, small stem                   13.70     36.    57.   102.   
1131.5-maassii long robust hooked spines                             13.70                
1134-microsperma columnar stem, tight reddish brown sp               13.70     36.            
1134.124-microsperma DJF309 n Capallitas, twisted sp, big red fl     13.70                
1135.52-multicostata FR733 short thick hooks                         13.70                
1135.55-multispina KK1407 Rio Camblaya 2800m, huge stems, spiny      13.70                
1137.1-otuyensis KK1009 Otuyo 3000m, dark brown hooks                13.70     36.    57.        
1141.54-rubellihamata white hooked spines tipped red                 13.70     36.            
1141.65-rubriflora P158 short orange brown hooked centrals           13.70     36.            
1142.1-sanagasta v saltensis tiny stem with hooked centrals          13.70                
1142.8-setosa bristly-hairy stem, red flowers                        13.70     36.            
1143-steumeri coppery orange fl, wooly crown                         13.70     36.            
1144.1-subtilihamata FR741 yellow spines, orange-yellow flowers      13.70                
1147.64-sp mix, brightly colored flowers, various colors             13.70     36.    57.
Pediocactus, /4,6,9,17-18/ small plants, all cold hardy                         
1170.45-simpsonii v robustior BB92-4 Pueblo Pk,OR, huge shaggy stems 74.00
Peniocereus, /3,6,11/ thin stem, huge underground tubers                         
1175-greggii v transmontanus SNL1 /155/ Tucson, AZ, white flowers    58.00    150.            
1176.9-marianus grows in coastal sand next to sea                   104.00
Pilosocereus, /3,6,14/ wooly columnar ceroides                                  
1178.1-catingacola ssp salvadorensis CS149 Capim Grosso              27.10                
1178.83-pachycladus ssp pernambucoensis CS154 Paulo Alfonso          27.10     75.  130.
Pyrrhocactus, /2,6,8,15-16/ low thick stem, stout spines                         
1183-strausianus /17/ Mendoza, (= atrospinosus)                      27.10                
1183.5-bulbocalyx /16/ spines bright red                             27.10                
1185.6-bulbocalyx L505 /16/ Sierra Mazan, near black spines          27.10     75.            
1187-bulbocalyx /17/ (sanjuanensis) thick incurved yellow grey sp    27.10
Rebutia, /2,6,15-17/ (incl Aylostera & Mediolobivia)                             
1195.54-flavistyla dark flat stem, many orange flowers               19.50                
1195.55-flavistyla FR756 /17/ flat stem, orange flowers              13.70                
1196.81-hyalacantha yellow white glassy spines, red fl               19.50                
1198.6-minuscula v violaciflora vivid purple-red flowers             13.70                
1213.25-senilis v lilacino-rosea pale pink flowers                   13.70                
1217.1-pseudodeminuta KG72-87 2 k s Volcan, Jujuy, 2400m             19.50                
1217.3-sp mix of various flower colors and forms                     19.50
Sclerocactus, /4,6,9,11,16-18/ colorful plants, spiny                           
1219.4-glaucus DJF1185.7 Mesa Co, Colo                               58.00                
1219.62-glaucus SB1740 Cactus Park, CO                               58.00                
#1239.2-pubispinus SB1013 Millard Co, Ut, tiny                       58.00                
Stenocereus, /3,6,14/ Mexican cereiods                                           
1244.86-thurberi Pima Co, AZ, 'organpipe'                            19.50     58.  105.        
Strombocactus, /3,6,10,13,14/ low flat grey-green stem                           
#1246-disciformis white flowers, squat disklike stem                 19.50     58.  105.        
#1246.6-disciformis Xichu, Gto, 'pulcherrimus' dark red fls          27.10
Thelocactus, /3,6,8,13/ small, with brilliant flowers                           
1254-bicolor SB278 /17/ Huizache, red-pink-yellow spines             27.10                
1256-bicolor SB563 /16/ Cuesta la Muralla, long thin sp              27.10     75.            
1258-bicolor v bolansis SB281 /166/ Cerro Bola, Coah, very tall      27.10                
1262.9-conothele /17/ pink-orange flowers                            27.10                
1262.91-conothele e Dr Arroyo, stout golden spines                   27.10                
1262.916-conothele CSD115 La Soledad, SLP                            27.10                
1263-conothele SB302 /15/ n Matehula, pink-purple fl.                27.10     75.            
1264-conothele v argenteus SB311 /16/ Ascencion, NL, shiny white sp  27.10     75.            
1264.2-conothele v argenteus SB1862 /16/ Sandia Grande, super sp     27.10     75.            
1269-hexaedrophorus /16/ small grey stem, white fl                   27.10                
1275.4-macdowellii /17/ dense white spines, pink fl                  27.10                
1275.43-macdowellii SB1884 /16/ s Higueras, yellowish spines         27.10                
1275.46-macdowellii /16/ Saltillo, Coah, shaggy white spines         27.10                
1276-rinconensis /16/ grey stem, long greyish spines                 27.10                
1277.4-rinconensis v nidulans /16/ old spines thatched               27.10                
1279.1-tulensis HK362 Huizache, dark spines, yellow fl               27.10                
1279.11-tulensis La Hacienda, SLP, pale pink flowers                 27.10                
Trichocereus, /3,6,14-17/ columnar, large flowers                               
1283.1-angelensis MLV68 Quebrada de Cafayate, huge pink-white fl     27.10                
1283.22-bruchii /17/ thin yellow spines, red flowers                 27.10                
1283.232-bruchii DJF246 /17/ Tafi del Valle, Tucuman, yellow sp      27.10                
1283.3-candicans Chilento, La Rioja, long yellow spines              19.50                
1283.307-candicans DJF175 e Termas Villavicencio                     19.50                
1283.3862-formosus DJF175 Termas Villavicencio,Mendoza, super spiny  27.10                
1283.428-huascha /17/ offsets, stays small, bright fl                13.70                
1283.43-huascha /17/ bright red flowering plants                     13.70                
1283.4334-huascha DJF405 e Andalgala, Catamarca                      27.10                
1283.434-huascha v crassicaulis /17/ small stem, rich red fl         19.50     58.            
1283.436-lobivioides 'grandiflorus' hybrids, huge colorful flowers   19.50     58.  105.  192.   
1283.4362-lobivioides 'grandiflorus' R525 /17/ Catamarca, red fl     27.10     75.            
1283.437-aff lobivioides DJF364 n Famatima, thick stemmed            19.50                
1283.439-lobivioides v alba /17/ huge white flower                   27.10                
1283.44-lobivioides 'purpureominiata' /17/ tiny stem, huge red fl    13.70                
1283.441-macrogonus slender stem, short stiff spines                 19.50     58.            
1283.47-pachanoi KK339 columnar, blue-green stem                     27.10                
1283.51-pecheretianus FR426 /16/ lemon yellow flowers                27.10     75.            
1283.515-pseudocandicans /17/ huge yellow-salmon-red flowers         27.10     75.            
1283.52-purpureopilosus /17/ short stem, bud with purple hair        27.10                
1283.598-strigosus /17/ very sharp long sp                           13.70     36.            
1283.61-strigosus /16/ Mazan-Catamarca, very spiny                   13.70                
1283.7723-terscheckii DJF405 e Andalgala, dense shiny yellow sp      27.10                
1283.866-sp Mix, with huge flowers, many colors                      13.70     36.
Turbinicarpus, /3,6,8,13,14-15/ tiny plants from Mexico                         
1283.89-alonsoi Xichu, flat stem like Obregonia, pink fl             37.00                
#1289.2-laui L1111 Buenavista, SLP                                   27.10                
#1290-lophophoroides blue-grey stem, likes alkaline clay             27.10                
#1290.2-lophophoroides L723 Las Tablas, SLP                          27.10                
1291.7-pailanus SB1970 Sra de la Paila, Coah, rigid dark centrals    27.10                
#1297.1-schiemdickeanus ssp dickisoniae Aramberri, NL                27.10                
#1297.15-schmiedickeanus ssp gracilis long tubercles, small cream fl 27.10                
#1299.8-swobodae Rayones, squat red-grey stem, deep taproot          27.10     75.            
#1299.82-swobodae HO16 tiny blue grey stem, deep taproot             27.10                
#1299.84-swobodae L1499 Rayones, NL, flat grey green stem            27.10                
#1300-valdezianus /17/ white feathery spines, pink flower            27.10 
Weberbauerocereus, /3,6,14-15/ densely spined columns, Peru                    
1302.13-johnsonii KK1215 Cajamarca 2200m, dense shiny yellow spines  27.10                
1302.1368-winterianus dense gold yellow spines                       27.10 
Weingartia, /3,6,15-17/ small stem, colorful fl                                
1302.64-hediniana R292 fat tubercles, many yellow flowers            27.10                
1302.7-lanata very wooly in age, big tubercles                       27.10                
1302.73-lanata HS42B Chuqui Chuqui, Bol, huge wooly tubercles        27.10                
1302.77-lecoriensis KK741 Lecori 3200m, long vertical sp, taproot    37.00                
1302.8847-pruinosa KK1523 Oropeza                                    19.50                
1302.897-rio-orensis KK1758 Oropeza, Rio Oro, Bolivia 2600m          27.10                
1302.899-sucrensis KK865 Sucre 2500m, bright yellow flowers          27.10                
1302.98-neocumingii HS77 Presto                                      27.10                
1305-sp mix, very freely flowering                                   27.10     75.