WHOLESALE SEEDLIST January 2017 - Succulents

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Discount schedule: >$100 -4%, >$250 -6%, >$500 -8%, >$1000 -10%. m = 1000


                                                  m = 1000            1m       5m       10m       25m
Aloinopsis, /B,17-18/ low mat-forming plants                                    
1308.8-acuta long narrow pointed leaves                              27.10                
1309-hilmarii /18/ Laingsburg, erect felty leaves, yellow day fl     27.10                
1311-luckhoffii /17/ knobbled leaves, long taproot                   27.10     75.            
1311.3-luckhoffii /17/ Boonstevlei, fine bronzed colors              27.10                
1311.5-luckhoffii e Kamas, rough concrete chunks                     27.10                
1312-luckhoffii CM38 /17/ pale pink or salmon flowers                27.10                
1313.6-orpenii /17/ Kuruman, small 3-angled leaves                   27.10                
1313.62-orpenii 19 km E Kuruman, greyish felted leaves               27.10                
1313.64-orpenii /17/ 23 k E Kuruman, on calcrete, smallish form      27.10                
1313.7-orpenii /17/ Postmasburg, yellow flowers                      27.10                
1313.76-orpenii Bo Downs, Campbell, red-tipped petals                27.10                
1313.761-orpenii Campbell, bluish daggers                            27.10                
1314-peersii /18/ long thick taproot, bonsai type                    27.10     75.            
1314.3-peersii Kerkplaas, small narrow leaves lie flat               27.10                
1314.5-peersii n Uniondale, fine night flowers                       27.10                
1314.6-thudichumii 90 km nw Sutherland                               27.10     75.            
1314.83-peersii Termietvlakte, fuzzy brown leafed form               27.10                
1314.9-peersii Boksfontein, Murraysburg, narrow leaves               27.10                
1315-rosulata /18/ flat wide leaves, yellow/red fl                   27.10                
1315.1-rosulata Miller, alligator leaves                             27.10                
1315.5-rubrolineata /17/ dark green leaves, vittate petals           27.10                
1316-schooneesii /18/ thick knobby leaves, yellow/red fl             27.10     75.            
1318.6-thudichumii /17/ nw Sutherland, large lemon flowers           27.10                
1319-villetii /17/ reniform leaves, dense white tubercles            27.10                
1319.15-villetii Nelswerwe, Loeriesfontein, tiny form, very nice     27.10                
1319.21-mix warts 'n all                                             27.10
Antimima, /C,15/ minute shrubs, sheathing                                       
1319.42-fenestrata Knersvlakte, ex Hall, triangular windows          27.10                
1319.472-solida SB1515 Grootgrafwater, smooth sabre leaves, pink fl  27.10                
1319.48-turneriana fuzzy blue leaves, masses of pink fl              19.50                
1319.49-turneriana Wolwenes, mat of tiny round leaves, pink fl       19.50                
1319.5188-sp Jakkalskippie, small hanger, many pink fl               19.50                
1319.54-intervallaris Quaggaskop, wand-like internodes, pink fl      27.10                
1319.9-h Argyroderma, /C,15/ thick leaves, flowers when small                             
1321.2-congregatum SB614 near Vredendal, clustering ovoid leaves     27.10                
1322.4-delaetii SB617 Grootgraafwater, flat robust bodies            27.10                
1323-delaetii 'aureum' Langdam, Bitterfontein, silver spheres        17.10                
1323.21-delaetii SB1224 ne Bitterfontein, rich purple flowers        17.10                
1325-delaetii 'carinatum' Sout River Bridge, yellow fl               17.10                
1326-delaetii Bitterfontein, yellow to pink pastel flower            17.10                
1327-delaetii PV255 40 k w Nuwerus, yellow & pink fl                 17.10                
1330-delaetii 'roseum' low thick heads, purple flower                27.10                
1331-delaetii 'roseum' 20 m S Nuwerus, large purple flowers          27.10                
1331.22-delaetii Stofkraal, Kliprand, incredibly big                 27.10                
1332-fissum finger-like leaves, yellow & purple fl.                  27.10                
1332.1-fissum SB612 Liebendal, long finger leaves                    27.10                
1332.11-fissum SB615 Liebendal, fine purple fl                       27.10                
1332.12-fissum SB618 Quaggaskop, silvery fingers, big pink fl        27.10                
1332.3-fissum Nuwerus, poly-dactyl, purple fl                        27.10                
1332.4-fissum Vanrhynsdorp, skinny leaves, purple flowers            27.10                
1332.5-fissum Liebendal, yellow petals                               27.10                
1333-fissum HH5013 Vredendal, reddish margins, dark purple bud       27.10    75.            
1334-fissum Klawer, short whitish leaves, purple fl                  27.10                
1334.2-fissum 3 k s of Klawer, very short leaves, purple fl          27.10                
1334.3-fissum 'litorale' SB1542 e Strandfontein, tiny leaves         27.10                
1335.2-framesii Donkergat, slender leaves, yellow fl                 27.10                
1336.2-framesii v hallii Holrivier Station, yellow fl                27.10                
1337-framesii v hallii Holrivier, Rawe, yellow flower                27.10    75.            
1338.4-framesii v minus charming tiny headlets, glowing pink flowers 27.10                
1338.5-patens small form with purple flowers                         27.10                
1339-patens 8 m ne of Soutrivier Bridge, yellow to amber flowers     27.10                
1339.1-patens 26 m n. Vanrhynsdorp, keeled leaves                    27.10                
1340-pearsonii sliced eggs with Easter-colored flowers               27.10                
1340.1-pearsonii Quaggaskop, white-pink-purple flowering             27.10                
1341-pearsonii 'luckhoffii' 4 cm yellow fl                           27.10                
1342-pearsonii purple fl, fat sphere                                 27.10                
1343.1-ringens Quaggaskop, gaping leaves, dark purple flowers        27.10                
1343.3-ringens Gifberg, Vanrhynsdorp, huge!                          27.10                
1343.6-ringens SB613 Vierfontein, smallish bodies, purple fl         27.10                
1344.1-subalbum 'villetii' tiny clustering heads, lilac flowers      27.10                
1344.12-subalbum HH5231 Koekenaap, tiny sphere, intense pink fl      27.10                
1344.2-framesii v minus HH4966 Grootgraafwater, dwarf with giant fl  27.10                
1346.05-delaetii BM7933 Arizona, fine pale pink flowers              27.10                
1346.1-crateriforme PV248 Steenkamp, Bitterfontein, low fat singles  27.10     75.            
1346.2-sp Steenkampskraal road, flat and fat, pale yellow fl.        27.10                
1346.27-mix smooth rock-like plants, wonderful pastel flowers        27.10     75.
Bergeranthus, /B,15/ tufts of short leaves                                       
1351.25-jamesii /17/ Tarkastad, small leaves, easy and quick         19.50 
Bijlia, /D,15/ low mat-forming with yellow flowers                               
1352-cana /17/ yolk-yellow petals, thick pale pink leaves            19.50                
1352.1-cana CM32 Prince Albert, delightfully unequal                 19.50                
1352.12-cana 1 k w Prince Albert, very fat, nice form                19.50                
1352.2-tugwelliae Vrischgewaagt, pinkish waxen leaves                19.50                
1352.3-tugwelliae Gamka, big paddleform leaves                       19.50
Carpobrotus, /A,16/ low creeping plants, large fl                               
1353.57-edulis dune mat, huge flowers, juicy fruits                  19.50     58.            
1353.58-edulis SNL178 Daly City, CA, covers coastal dunes, huge fl   19.50     58.
Carruanthus, /B,15/ compact plants with low thick leaves                         
1354-peersii grey green leaves, reddish teeth                        19.50     58.            
1354.1-caninus Georgida, scalloped green leaves                      19.50     58.            
1354.11-peersii PVB8172 Toorwater, compact scallops                  19.50                
1354.13-peersii Tigerberg, flaring leaves with pink teeth            27.10                
1354.18-ringens e Toorwaterpoort, stays small, red edged teeth       27.10                
1354.2-ringens Tigerberg, tiny teeth along green leaf                19.50
Cephalophyllum, /D,15/ large colorful flowers                                    
1355.4-aureorubrum fine red & yellow flowers                         19.50                
1355.46-caespitosum Bitterfontein, many pink-salmon flowers          13.70                
1355.506-corniculatum Karoopoort, elegant flowers                    19.50                
1355.52-diversiphyllum reed-like leaves, pastel pink & yellow fl     13.70     36.            
1355.53-ebracteatum SB2305 Agate Beach, Luederitz, yellow flowers    13.70                
1355.537-framesii SB1519 Quaggaskop, humble, fine yellow flowers     19.50                
1355.545-gracile red-orange ringed flowers                           13.70                
1355.75-numeesense Numees, small tufts, arching leaf, yellow fl      19.50                
1355.784-parvibracteatum SB1518 30 k n Loeriesfontein, compact mat   13.70     36.            
1355.785-parvibracteatum Taaiboshoek, good flowerer, compact shoots  13.70                
1356-pulchrum many pink flowers with golden pollen                   19.50                
1356.4-purpureo-album SB1415 Hottentotskloof, yellow flowers!        13.70                
1358.3-spissum caespitosum variant, freely flowering, salmon-pink    13.70     36.    57.  102.   
1358.31-spissum Bitterfontein, pastel petals                         13.70                
1359.15-fulleri SB1380 Achab, Namiesberg, dwarf; nice yellow fl.     13.70                
1359.2-sp. Animub - Vioolsdrif, yellow-orange flowers                13.70                
1359.36-sp SB1494 Lorelei, scarlet petals with yellow arrows         13.70                
1359.41-ceresianum Skitterykloof, very thin leaves, yellow fl        19.50                
1359.43-conicum SH522 20 k s Loeriesfontein, dark purple flowers     19.50                
1359.45-sp Wolwenes, Knersvlakte, strange endemic, pink-purple fl    19.50                
1359.46-sp Wolfkloof, small thin leaf, many dark purple fl           19.50                
1359.5-sp Umdaus, yellow-red flowers                                 19.50
Cerochlamys, /D,15/ low thick leaves coated with wax                            
1360-pachyphylla Aneysberg, L Karoo, Christmas flowers               19.50     58.   105.        
1360.2-pachyphylla v albiflora SL315A/84 bronze wax-coated leaves    19.50     58.            
1361-pachyphylla Hondewater, L Karoo, purple fl                      19.50     58.            
1362.1-pachyphylla v albiflora Prince Albert, crispate leaf margins  19.50     58. 
Chasmatophyllum, /B,17-18/ low thick knobby leaves, compact                      
1363-braunsii /17/ small graniform leaves, yellow fl.                19.50                
1363.5-granulata Prince Albert, more upright, bushier                19.50                
1364.11-musculinum PV128 w Grnau, small leaves, teethed              19.50                
1364.17-musculinum Klein Karas, rough leaves                         19.50
Cheiridopsis, /C,15-16/ small, many dots on leaves                               
1364.4-acuminata stemmed in age, white fl                            19.50                
1364.5-acuminata Kuboosberg, robust leaves, dense dark spots         19.50                
1364.521-albirosea SB772 Concordia, fantastic flowers                19.50                
1364.524-amabilis SH1964A Eenriet, tiny tufted mat, blade leaf       19.50                
1365.3-brownii SB765 Alexander Bay, squat pubescent body             19.50                
1365.5-robusta Namus Kloof, Namibia, bright yellow flowers           13.70                
1366.58-caroli-schmidtii Luederitz, chrome yellow fl, spotted leaf   19.50                
1366.6-caroli-schmidti Witputz, Namibia, jagged tips                 19.50                
1366.62-caroli-schmidtii H4361 Aus, scattered wispy teeth, spotted   19.50                
1366.64-caroli-schmidtii H4572 slender keel with teeth               19.50                
1366.7-caroli-schmidtii PV1262 Rosh Pinah, white eyed fl             19.50                
1366.8-denticulata long victory leaf 'V', huge flower                19.50                
1368.3-denticulata Anenous Pass, long blue leaves                    19.50                
1368.34-denticulata v albiflora Rotnaarskoker, red-tipped teeth      27.10                
1368.36-denticulata'albiflora'SB2306 Farquharson kop,luminous fl     27.10            
1368.38-denticulata SB620 Springbok, well-toothed leaves             19.50     58.            
1368.4-denticulata SB761 Die Drif, white-pink-orange fl              19.50                
1368.5-denticulata SB762 Anenous Pass, teeth on side, bluish leaves  19.50                
1370-rostrata Hetkruis, Piquetberg, petals bicolored, red leaf base  19.50                
1370.3-caroli-schmidtii Kubub, Aus, Namibia, pale bluish leaves      19.50                
1370.51-cigarettifera Doornrivier, needs extra long sheath           19.50                
1370.613-cigarettifera 25 m w Sutherland, short leaves, big dots     13.70                
1370.83-schlechteri SB776 Kaitob, compact mats, yellow fl.           13.70                
1372.1-schlechteri SB1394 Gamoep, strange red margins                13.70     36.            
1374.2-derenbergiana SB764 Bowesdorp, slender sheathing lf           19.50                
1374.5-excavata Eenriet, Steinkopf, compact, fine flowers            13.70     36.            
1375-excavata Platbakkies, huge 10cm yellow fl                       19.50     58.            
1375.04-vanbredai Steinkopf, wonderful violet pollen!                27.10     75.            
1375.1-excavata SB621 Gamoep, soft fat leaves                        13.70     36.            
1375.19-dilatata SB629 Concordia, pale pink fl.                      19.50                
1375.24-aff. excavata SB773 Kaitob, fuzzy red tipped leaves          19.50                
1375.5-herrei SB1547 Eksteenfontein, the real one, dwarf             19.50                
1375.6-herrei Klipbok, very small, delightful                        19.50                
1377-cigarettifera Doringbos, Calvinia, long leaves                  13.70                
1377.5-excavata SB621 Gamoep, huge lustrous blooms                   13.70     36.            
1378-brownii Swartwater, Rv, very thick smooth leaves                13.70     36.            
1381.08-imitans Nigramoep, sharp tapered leaves, long flower stalks  19.50                
1385.1-aff. imitans SB778 Stofkloof, larger pointed leaf             19.50                
1385.4-meyeri nw Steinkopf, delightful scallops                      27.10                
1385.8-meyeri v minor tiny rounded clamshell-leaves                  27.10                
1390-peculiaris Steinkopf, ex Rawe, thick clamshells                 19.50                
1392.4-robusta Numees, thick fuzzy leaf, red tipped                  13.70                
1392.5-robusta H2124B fat bluish leaves                              19.50     58.            
1392.8-robusta SB779 Soebatsfontein, like a stubby denticulata       19.50     58.            
1392.84-robusta H5029 stubby fat leaves, yellow fl                   13.70                
1392.85-robusta H5004 large flowers                                  13.70                
1392.86-robusta H4825 finely dotted skin                             13.70                
1393.5-pulverulenta Jakkalswater, fine white excresences             19.50                
1393.555-schlechteri SH652 20 k n Steinkopf, very long fl            19.50                
1393.6-schlechteri SB1185 Jakkalswater, Steinkopf, tiny leaf pairs   19.50                
1393.61-pulverulenta SB1516 Animub, farinaceous texture              19.50                
1394.2-purpurea SB771 Hilda Peak flats, purple fl, smooth leaves     27.10                
1395.11-robusta Harrasberg Plateau, chunky bluish leaves             19.50                
1401.5-pillansii Richtersveld, smooth leaves, hot-pink fl            27.10                
1402.1-pillansii 14 k n Aughrabies, age before beauty                27.10                
1402.5-ponderosa SH1651 Skimmelberg, large thick leaves              27.10                
1403.11-schlechteri Umdaus, tiny, dense dark spots,white-yellow fl   19.50                
1403.18-schlechteri Kangnas, tiny leaves, big white flowers          19.50     58.            
1403.194-subaequalis SB2184 Concordia, slender leaf,green-yellow fl  27.10                
1403.195-subaequalis Khurisberg, elegant miniature form              27.10                
1404-turbinata Wolfhoek, pointed leaves tinged red                   27.10                
1404.26-vanzylii fine flowers,, leaves blush brown                   19.50     58.            
1404.27-vanzylii BRI 25027 outstanding flowers                       19.50     58.            
1404.3-vanzylii SB777 Pofadder, purple-green body, prominent spots   19.50     58.            
1404.304-vanzylii SB1983 n Kliprand, firm spotted marshmellows       27.10                
1404.33-verrucosa Grootderm, dinteranthoid                           27.10                
1404.51-excavata Aggenys, dwarf form, very nice                      19.50                
1404.8-brownii SB775 Gorab Peak, squat soft leaf                     19.50                
1404.81-bruynsii Zebrafontein, thin red edged leaf, toothy           27.10                
1404.9-sp Hoitsmyn, sheather with ivory-green flowers                27.10                
1405-sp mix of many leaf forms, + nice flowers                       19.50 
Conophytum, /C,14-16/ dwarf succulent bodies, variable and charming              
1473.4-spp olla podrida, full mix of species                         37.00 
Delosperma, /A,14-18/ good outdoor plants for the summer                        
1475-cooperi /18/ icy papillose leaves, pink fl all summer           27.10     75.            
1475.63-floribundum /18/ ground cover, big pink flowers              19.50                
1475.86-'John Proffit' /18/ ground cover, fuschia flowers            27.10                
1476.5-sutherlandii /18/ deciduous leaves, purple fl                 27.10                
1476.8-bosseranum H2909 tiny tufted crack filler, nice tuber         13.70     36.
Dinteranthus, /D,10,15/ very thick low plants, rock-like                         
1479.2-wilmotianus ssp impunctatus Eendoorn, smooth as a baby's      19.50                
1479.3-wilmotianus ssp impunctatus PV142 Vrede, pale grey,rocklike   19.50                
1479.5-microspermus rounded smooth grey bodies                       19.50     58.  105.        
1479.6-microspermus Sperlingsputs, granular epidermis                19.50     58.            
1479.7-microspermus Karasberge, Namibia                              19.50     58.            
1479.8-microspermus PV484 n Goodhouse, rounded back, angled face     19.50     58.            
1481-microspermus ssp puberulus felty spotted body, white-yellow fl  19.50     58.            
1481.2-microspermus ssp puberulus with white-pink flowers            18.50     58.            
1481.25-microspermus ssp puberulus Achab                             18.50     58.            
1481.3-microspermus ssp puberulus Aggeneys                           19.50                
1481.33-microspermus ssp puberulus Onder Namies, pinkish velvet      19.50     58.            
1481.34-microspermus ssp puberulus Keimoes, giant + - connate leaves 19.50     58.            
1481.5-microspermus ssp puberulus CM56 striking dark keels           19.50     58.            
1481.6-microspermus ssp puberulus CM236 Naip, charming dwarf form    19.50                
1481.7-puberulus SB1186 Keimas, Namibia, rounded bodies, very fat    19.50                
1482-vanzylii flat grey body with red lines                          27.10                
1482.07-vanzylii Namies, blue bodied form, scattered red spots       27.10     75.            
1482.12-vanzylii Poortsberg, ivory rocklike top, red lines           27.10                
1482.131-vanzylii ex ivory plants                                    27.10     75.            
1482.2-vanzylii CM55 few or many lines and spots                     27.10     75.            
1482.3-vanzylii 'lineatus' Volstruishoek, convex apex                27.10                
1482.4-vanzylii 'lineatus' Bloemhoek, odd oblong shape, nice!        27.10     75.            
1483.3-wilmotianus near Augrabies Falls, blue spots                  19.50 
Dorotheanthus, /A/ short lived annuals, bright flowers                          
1484.24-bellidiformis very nice flowers for late winter              19.50                
1484.86-mix Mabel's special dazzling selections                      19.50     58.            
1484.9-h Dracophilus, /D,15/ low thick leaves, full sun                                   
1484.92-dealbatus Annisfontein, flowers at sundown                   13.70     36.            
1484.95-dealbatus SB796 Alexander Bay, pale pink fl                  19.50                
1485-delaetianus thick leaves with rough teeth                       13.70     36.            
1487.1-proximus Namus Kloof, Namibia, fat and smooth                 13.70                
1487.2-proximus Swartwater, Rv, smooth white leaves                  19.50                
1487.3-proximus H4994 dark yellow pollen                             13.70     36.            
1487.4-sp H4762 Khubus, odd angled leaves                            19.50                
1487.5-proximus SB800 Lorelei, rounded leaf, white or pink fl        19.50     58.            
1487.6-sp H4616 rounded blue leaves, lavender flowers                19.50                 
Ebracteola, /D,15/ dwarf clumping plants, thick roots                           
1491.293-derenbergiana H4615 Gabis Stn, fat roots, blue spotted leaf 19.50                
1491.2932-derenbergiana 7 k n Rooiberg, small tufts, pink flowers    19.50                
1491.294-derenbergiana Sargdeckel, smooth blue leaf, white-pink fl   19.50                
1491.2943-fulleri 15 k w Pofadder, powdery green leaf, fat tubers    19.50
Fenestraria, /D,14/ tiny, clustering, transparent windows                        
1507.2-rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca vari-colored flowers             27.10                
1508.2-rhopalophylla H4722 small windows, white-yellow flowers       27.10 
Gibbaeum, /D,14/ small thick-leaved plants, keep dry                            
1509.84-cryptopodium SB642 Brandrivier, caespitose, tiny heads       27.10                
1510.64-geminum Koeniekuil, grey hirsute sharklets                   27.10                
1511.2-gibbosum SB640 Bloutoring, LK, striped petals                 27.10                
1513-heathii globose leaves, slowly clumps in age                    27.10                
1513.12-heathii SB799 Ockertskraal, big lobes                        27.10                
1513.2-heathii Ockertskraal, big form                                27.10                
1514.5-petrense SB648 Brandrivier, tiny grey bodies, pink fl         19.50                
1515-shandii shark-like bodies, finely pubescent                     27.10                
1515.2-shandii Kareevlakte, inviting jaws                            27.10                
1516.11-velutinum Brandrivier, pink flower, hooked curved leaf       27.10
Glottiphyllum, /D,15/ thick compact leaves, keep dry                             
1517.1-aff fragrans 5 k s Laingsburg, rosy perfume                   27.10                
1517.12-aff. suave SL84-357 16 k sw Laingsburg, super scent          27.10                
1517.91-sp. SB650 Lemoenshoek, fat green leaves, huge yellow fl      27.10                
1520-oligocarpum /17/ Steytlerville, powdery white leaves            27.10                
1520.2-oligocarpum SL84-102 30 k e Steytlerville, very compact       27.10                
1521-parvifolium Vanwyksdorp, short thin leaves, freely flowering    19.50                
1521.2-parvifolium SB651 Brandrivier, LK, dwarf sp, big yellow fl    19.50                
1522.463-linguiforme Heimersrivier, thick pale waxen tongues         27.10                

1522.4635-sp ISI 1759 30k n Oudtshoorn, grey-purple, nice            27.10
Hereroa, /B,16-18/ mat-forming with deep roots                                 
1522.68-puttkameriana H4382 curved leaf with pimply spots            19.50                
1522.69-puttkamerana H4885 delicate evening fl.                      19.50                
1522.7-incurva /18/ beautiful flowers and leaves                     19.50                
1522.8-muirii /17/ sabre-shaped dark green leaves                    13.70                
1522.89-pallens SH394 Achab, pale green tuft, thick roots            13.70                
1522.892-pallens SB1954 Areb, many dark green pimples                19.50                
1522.92-puttkameriana Aigub, Brandberg, sturdy tufts                 19.50                
1523.5-teretifolia /17/ 49 km n. of Ceres > Sutherland, tiny tree    19.50                
1523.6-teretifolia SB1400 Ceres Karoo, upright pyramid               13.70                
1524.115-sp /18/ Klein Tafelberg, Calvinia, should be very hardy     27.10                
1524.3-sp /17/ Middelburg, CP, white-yellow-pink fl.                 13.70                
1524.41-teretifolia DT4939 /17/ 7km S Hondewater, narrow-leaved mat  19.50                
1524.5-tenuifolia SB1514 Aneysburg, like miniature Christmas tree    19.50                
1524.65-sp Weissendoorn, Namibia, extremely tough to heat and cold   19.50 
Juttadinteria, /D,15/ low growing, thick stone-like leaves                       
1529.2-decumbens n Sargdeckel, small form with white flowers         19.50                
1529.5-deserticola H4698 70 mile post, Sperrgebeit, tall, slender    19.50                
1530.2-deserticola H4537 large white fl, pale stony leaf             27.10                
1530.3-deserticola H4617 short rounded leaf, white fl                19.50                
1533.2-kovismontana H4516 chunky leaf, big red teeth                 27.10                
1533.7-simpsonii SB2195 Haalenberg, rough skin, stout red teeth      27.10                
1534-suavissima H4613 pale blue leaf, pink teeth                     19.50     58.            
1536.3-sp H4747 round grey-green leaves, tinged pink                 19.50                
1537.9-h Lampranthus, /A,14-16/ erect shrubbies, many flowers                             
1539.9-h Lapidaria, /D,15-17/ low with very thick curved leaves                           
1540-margaretae /17/ pale tan leaves, yellow flowers                 27.10                
1540.3-margaretae SB2174 Keimas, Nam, sharp pink edged leaf          27.10                
1541-margaretae Witsand, rounded leaves, sharper keel                27.10     75.            
1541.2-margaretae SH588 Rosynebos, fine form, pinkish                27.10                
1541.4-margaretae CM61 clusters,, small thick rounded leaves         27.10
Lithops, /most B,14-17/ flat plants, colorful top                               
1556-bromfieldii C41 dark red lines & dots                           27.10                
1559-bromfieldii v glaudinae C382 unusual form                       27.10                
1560-bromfieldii v insularis C42 dusky, with red dots                27.10                
1560.7-bromfieldii v insularis Keimoes, vivid bold lines             27.10                
1560.8-bromfieldii v insularis Soverby, dark copper-orange top       27.10                
1561-bromfieldii v insularis C57 grey brown top, red lines           27.10                
1562.8-comptonii SH389 Beukesfontein, tiny greyed purple body        27.10                
1565-dinteri v brevis C84 tiny stonelike heads                       27.10                
1565.6-dinteri v brevis PV119 s Vioolsdrif, spotless stones          27.10                
1566-dinteri ssp frederici C180 minute white spotted bodies          27.10                
1567-dinteri ssp multipunctata C181 many large red dots              27.10                
1567.8-divergens BM7941 /C/ Arizona,Knervslakte, teeny-tiny bodies   27.10                
1568-divergens C202 /C/ tiny grey green cobwebby window              27.10                
1568.2-divergens C269 /C/ tiny pink-green body, diffuse windows      27.10                
1568.3-divergens SH694 E Bitterfontein, clay colored, tiny           27.10                
1569.5-divergens v amethystina Taaiboshoek, open windows             27.10                
1578-francisci C140 /D/ pale green top, clear dots                   27.10                
1578.2-francisci C371 ivory dotted bodies                            27.10                
1578.22-francisci w Haalenberg, well-speckled                        27.10                
1587-fulviceps C170 /16/ reddish brown heads, red lines              27.10                
1590-fulviceps C266 extra red large dots                             27.10                
1593.2-fulviceps C412 ne Pofadder, very odd small convex form        27.10                
1595-gesineae v annae C78 warm orange colors, truncate               27.10                
1595.2-geyeri C274 small, white grey tinged pink                     27.10                
1596.8-hallii Geluksvlei, Hopetown, dark netted lines                27.10                
1597.7-hallii C50 finely jagged red lines                            27.10                
1598-hallii C52 reticulate reddish brown pattern                     27.10                
1601-hallii C94 indented red lines                                   27.10                
1605.3-hallii C318 grey brown surface                                27.10                
1605.34-hallii Geelkop, subtle blue-grey milky hue                   27.10                
1605.4-hallii C375 exceptionally fine pattern                        27.10                
1607-hallii 'brown' C136 grey brown tinged pink                      27.10                
1608.3-hallii v ochracea C142A Abrahamsdam, pink-orange-brick red    27.10                
1608.5-hallii v ochracea C303 grey orange, red lines                 27.10                
1610-helmutii C271 /D/ Coke-bottle green                             27.10                
1610.8-herrei Beauvallon, pale grey, rounded stones                  27.10                
1611.8-herrei C234 pale grey body, green lines                       27.10                
1612.4-herrei C355 large Namib form, a beauty                        27.10                
1612.46-herrei SB801 Sendlingsdrift, crowded mossy patterns          27.10                
1616.04-hookeri Abrahamsdam, dark red fissured top, darker lines     27.10                
1616.22-hookeri C340 bold humps, lightning lines                     27.10                
1616.222-hookeri Niekerkshoop, dark chocolate bodies                 27.10                
1616.34-hookeri v dabneri C301 deep jagged lines                     27.10                
1616.42-hookeri v elephina C93 dark rusty grey body                  27.10                
1616.5-hookeri v marginata C35 olive green tinged pink               27.10                
1616.54-hookeri v marginata C137 pinkish green                       27.10                
1616.56-hookeri v marginata C337 finely netted top                   27.10                
1616.58-hookeri v marginata C338 fine reddish lines                  27.10                
1616.93-hookeri 'vermiculate' C336 furrowed channels                 27.10                
1616.97-julii PV139 2 k n Keimos, pale milky grey, brown edge        27.10                
1617-julii C63 extremely variable pattern                            27.10                
1621-julii 'chrysocephala' C205 pale milky grey body                 27.10                
1621.01-julii ssp fulleri SH553 ne Aggeneys, nice brown pattern      27.10                
1621.012-julii ssp fulleri Ganna Poort, mostly pale and subtle       27.10                
1621.013-julii ssp fulleri SH534 50 k sw Kakamas, red rimmed         27.10                
1621.014-julii ssp fulleri SH718 Aggeneys, pale bodies               27.10                
1621.017-julii ssp fulleri Rietfontein, contrasting wavy red lines   27.10                
1621.019-julii ssp fulleri Geselskopbank, stone grey,red dashed side 27.10                
1621.02-julii ssp fulleri C24 deep furrows, red orange               27.10                
1621.04-julii ssp fulleri C56 jagged milky center                    27.10                
1621.12-julii ssp fulleri C161                                       27.10                
1621.14-julii ssp fulleri C162A handsome                             27.10                
1621.16-julii ssp fulleri C171 pink brown with red lines             27.10                
1621.22-julii ssp fulleri C259 window with fine islands              27.10                
1621.24-julii ssp fulleri C319 red dotted perimeter                  27.10                
1621.26-julii ssp fulleri C323 coarse patterns                       27.10                
1621.3-julii ssp fulleri v brunnea C179 grey-brown windows           27.10                
1621.4-julii ssp fulleri v rouxii C215 mustard border                27.10                
1621.48-julii ssp fulleri v rouxii C324 marginal scratches           27.10                
1623-julii 'littlewoodii' C218 pinkish jagged top                    27.10                
1623.3-julii 'pallid' SB1344 Vrede, Namibia, brown lipstick smile    27.10     75.            
1623.7-karasmontana w of Grnau, nice, variably painted faces         27.10                
1623.8-karasmontana Klein Karas, often reddish-orange                27.10                
1625-karasmontana C226 stone grey body, red-green dots               27.10                
1625.33-karasmontana v aiaisensis PV121 e Ai-ais, creamy rocks       27.10                
1625.35-karasmontana v aiaisensis PV125 Aiais, julii-esque           27.10                
1625.4-karasmontana v aiaisensis C224 pale stone grey                27.10                
1625.47-karasmontana ssp bella s Kuckaus, dark milky window          27.10                
1625.6-karasmontana ssp bella C143A striking zebraic pattern         27.10                
1625.75-karasmontana ssp bella C295 very wide jagged windows         27.10                
1625.76-karasmontana ssp bella Witputz, zebraic lines                27.10                
1625.77-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Aurus flats, milky veined stone  27.10                
1625.788-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Swartkloof, pale pastels        27.10                
1625.79-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Tschaukaib, filigree patterns    27.10                
1625.791-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii s Koichab, starburst clusters   27.10                
1625.8-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii C82 milky brown, mottled lines    27.10                
1625.808-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii C369 pale or well-lined         27.10                
1626-karasmontana 'jacobseniana' C227 orange grey body               27.10                
1627-karasmontana v lericheana C193 light orange grey                27.10                
1628-karasmontana v lericheana C267 dark jagged pattern              27.10                
1628.2-karasmontana v lericheana C329 bold rusty brown humps         27.10                
1628.3-karasmontana v lericheana C330 mottled orange-grey            27.10                
1629-karasmontana 'mickbergensis' C168 orange grey, variable         27.10                
1630.1-karasmontana 'mickbergensis' milky pink-orange-grey           27.10                
1630.3-karasmontana SB2166 Onverwacht, various pale pastel shades    27.10     75.            
1631-karasmontana 'mickbergensis' C223 grey indented lines           27.10                
1631.3-karasmontana 'mickbergensis' C327 rough orange rocks          27.10                
1631.5-karasmontana 'mickbergensis' SB2155 ne Grunau, pinkish        27.10                
1632-karasmontana 'opalina' surface milky grey                       27.10     75.            
1633-karasmontana 'signalberg' C65 red dots and lines, coarse        27.10                
1633.3-karasmontana 'signalberg' C328 blurred red marks              27.10                
1633.5-karasmontana SB2162 Signalberg Mt, milky to dark lines        27.10                
1634-karasmontana 'lateritia' sensu Dinter!, bright rusty red top    27.10                
1635-karasmontana v tischeri C182 rusty, deep lines                  27.10                
1663.7-marmorata SB1533 /C/ Animub, stone grey, white fl             27.10     75.            
1663.76-marmorata Jakkalswater, on dry stony plains, sun lover       27.10                
1663.8-marmorata 'umdausensis' /C/ ex de Boer, mottled               27.10                
1663.85-marmorata PB2667 Wyepoortriver, ivory whitish, tiny          27.10                
1663.86-marmorata RET 415 3k n Umdaus, white mottled, fls when tiny  27.10                
1664-marmorata C163 large transparent mottled window                 27.10                
1665-marmorata C214 grey body, jagged window                         27.10     75.            
1665.5-marmorata C305 pinkish beauty                                 27.10     75.            
1665.8-marmorata 'framesii' SB1097 Naip, mottled clear green window  27.10     75.            
1665.85-marmorata SB2203 Bleskop, milky pale green, jagged window    27.10                
1665.9-marmorata SH432 Kangnas, dark green mottled windows           27.10                
1666-marmorata 'diutina' C260 pale whitish grey                      27.10                
1667-marmorata near Steinkopf, helmutii albiflora type               27.10                
1668-marmorata v elisae C251 coarse ivory spots                      27.10                
1669.3-marmorata v elisae SB1205 n Jackalswater, mottled window      27.10                
1669.5-marmorata nw Animub, tan-brown-pink window                    27.10                
1670-marmorata 'framesii' C58 light pink, large windows              27.10                
1670.1-marmorata C360 elevated pink lobes, zig-zag lines             27.10     75.            
1670.2-marmorata 'framesii' C365 odd colors; pink or orange          27.10                
1670.3-marmorata Areb, pale green, glasslike bodies                  27.10     75.            
1670.4-marmorata `framesii' SB1204 Areb, dark branching pattern      27.10     75.            
1670.42-marmorata 'framesii' SB1377 Smorenskadu, smokey grey-brown   27.10     75.            
1670.8-meyeri Vlakmyn, quartz flats, very pale                       27.10                
1670.9-meyeri Brakfontein, milky pink grey body                      27.10     75.            
1671-meyeri C212 /D/ grey green stonelike body                       27.10     75.            
1671.1-meyeri C272 elevated stone-like lobes                         27.10                
1671.4-meyeri SB1125 by Hilda Peak, milky pink bodies, yellow fl     27.10                
1671.5-meyeri SB1992 n Lekkersing, truncated stone lobes             27.10                                
1671.9-olivacea v nebrownii Aggeneys, rose-brown-orange form         27.10                
1671.92-olivacea Achab, Namies, odd colors                           27.10                
1671.95-olivacea v nebrownii SB2227 Gamsberg, fingernail windows     27.10                
1672-olivacea C55 /D/ transparent blue green windows                 27.10                
1673-olivacea C109 large open pinkish windows                        27.10                
1673.4-olivacea Samoep, pinkish hints, netted lines                  27.10                
1673.5-olivacea SB1560 Samoep, pinkish-grey                          27.10                
1674.8-optica Luederitz, pink-tipped petals, elevated lobes          27.10                
1674.82-optica Uitsig, small pink face, twisted smile                27.10                
1677.2-optica C277 globose light green body                          27.10                
1678-optica C286 many tinged pink                                    27.10                
1680-optica C289 clustering with grey green bodies                   27.10                
1681-optica C290 translucent pale green bodies                       27.10                
1682-optica C294 miniature grey opaque heads                         27.10                
1682.2-optica C307 open translucent lobes                            27.10                
1682.4-optica C310 flowers early                                     27.10                
1683-optica 'maculate' C291 mottled light grey pattern               27.10                
1683.2-optica C292 pale white form, mottled lines                    27.10                
1683.3-optica H4707 clear umblemished top, clustering                27.10                
1683.7-optica 'maculate' C311 vigorous, pale grey lobes              27.10                
1683.75-optica 'maculate' e Bogenfels, dark pink-grey netting        27.10                
1706-salicola C34 /16/ jagged windows, blue-grey                     27.10                
1707-salicola C37 grey, broad jagged windows                         27.10                
1708-salicola C49 large grey jagged window                           27.10                
1708.3-salicola C320 /17/ eraser-grey                                27.10                
1708.32-salicola C322 clay colored                                   27.10                
1708.5-salicola C351 Luckhoff, tiny marginal rubrications            27.10                
1708.6-salicola C353 slate grey, finely netted dark lines            27.10     75.            
1709-salicola 'maculate' C86 /17/ large windows, striking            27.10                
1710.1-schwantesii C77 orange grey, pink tinge                       27.10                
1712-schwantesii C106 transparent dots and lines                     27.10                
1713-schwantesii C145 reddish grey, clear dots                       27.10                
1713.4-schwantesii C211 puce pattern, stonelike                      27.10                
1717-schwantesii ssp gebseri C165 brainy texture                     27.10                
1718-schwantesii 'grey' C144 pinkish grey body, red lines            27.10     75.            
1721-schwantesii 'gulielmi' C184 orange brown top, red lines         27.10                
1722-schwantesii 'kuibisensis' C150 stone grey body,red lines        27.10                
1724.5-schwantesii v marthae C148 grey pink, smooth                  27.10                
1725-schwantesii v marthae C249 tiny bodies, gemlike                 27.10                
1725.5-schwantesii v marthae C299 pinkish grey, red lines            27.10                
1725.51-schwantesii v marthae H4886                                  27.10                
1726-schwantesii ssp rugosa C192 indented pink grooves               27.10                
1728-schwantesii 'triebneri' C79 orange grey, stonelike              27.10     75.            
1729-schwantesii 'triebneri' C143B mustardy, with red streaks        27.10                
1729.1-schwantesii triebneri Tiras, mustardy tops                    27.10                
1729.15-schwantesii Tiras top, greyish face, red lines               27.10                
1730-schwantesii v urikosensis C83 light grey, red lines             27.10                
1731-schwantesii v urikosensis C105 pink lines, grey body            27.10                
1731.52-terricolor C130 green grey,merging dots                      27.10                
1731.54-terricolor C132 blue grey top, many dots                     27.10                
1731.56-terricolor C133 pale grey blue top, many spots               27.10                
1731.565-terricolor C345 fine rusty speckles                         27.10                
1731.57-terricolor C346 /17/ greyish purple, many shiny spots        27.10                
1731.58-terricolor C376 grey-blue top                                27.10                
1731.585-terricolor C379 dotted windows                              27.10                
1731.71-terricolor 'peersii' C131 blue-grey, spots                   27.10                
1731.74-terricolor 'peersii' C254 grey top, clear dots               27.10                
1731.76-terricolor'peersii'C339 Steytlerville,pink bod w/green spots 27.10       
1731.78-terricolor 'Prince Albert' C134 grey, clear dots             27.10                
1774.3-mix stone plants, colorful faces, variable colors + patterns  27.10     75.
Machairophyllum, /B,15/ mat-forming with crowded leaves                         
1774.392-albidum Krakeelklip, huge evening flowers                   27.10

Malephora, /D,15-17/ thick leaved, names a mess                                  
1775.22-crassa SB1218 /17/ Ceres Karoo, fat leaves, yellow fl        13.70     36.
Marlothistella, /B,15/ dense tuft of erect thin leaves                          
1776.69-stenophylla Canga Caves, long reed-like leaves, pink fl      27.10                
1776.7-uniondalensis /17/ beautiful striped fl, nice!                27.10 
Mitrophyllum, /C,14/ leaves burst out of papery sheath                          
1779.36-clivorum 10 m e Kleinzee, 'ripense' bright yellow flowers    27.10     75.            
1779.43-clivorum Wildepaardehoek, large pink rotating flowers        27.10                
1779.8-roseum Kourkam, miniature body, dark pink flowers             27.10
Monilaria, /C,15/ brilliant leaves (water storage cells)                         
1780.75-scutata s Garies, slender sparkling noodles                  29.00
Namibia, /D,14/ clump-forming with very thick soft leaves                       
1781.05-ponderosa H4389 Kovisberg, soft blue-grey leaves             27.10                
1781.06-ponderosa H4432 large pink fl, ponderous leaves              27.10
Nananthus, /B,18/ low compact tufted plants                                      
1781.41-transvaalensis /17/ pale flowers, faint stripes              27.10                
1781.42-transvaalensis Griqualand West, slender leaf, yellow-red fl  27.10     75.            
1781.45-aff broomii /17/ stout turnip-roots                          27.10     75.            
1781.451-aff. broomii /17/ Virginia Mine, silver or gold flowers     27.10                
1781.6-transvaalensis /17/ huge underground taproot,yellow-red fl    27.10     75.            
1781.7-transvaalensis CM45 long pointed leaf, many white spots       27.10                
1781.8-vittatus Fauresmith, OFS, greyish small leaves                27.10                
1781.9-wilmaniae Griqualand West, small grey leaves                  27.10                
1781.911-sp Enkelekoppie, extremely variable, nice                   27.10                
1781.912-sp Kalkfontein, Petrusville                                 27.10                
1781.913-sp PB4482 /17/ Postmasburg                                  27.10 
Odontophorus, /D,14/ dwarf, thick toothy leaves, full sun                       
1782.82-angustifolius SB1471 Kosies, wispy teeth                     27.10                
1782.92-marlothii SB662 Spektakel, branching when mature             19.50                
1784-nanus Eenriet, little dragons                                   19.50                
1785-primulinus Aribes Poort, big straw yellow flower, warty leaves  19.50                
1786.2-nanus SB803 w Eenriet, warty leaves with teeth                19.50 
Ophthalmophyllum, /C,15/ tiny sphaeric glassy leaves                             
1792.5-friedrichiae brownish grey surface, white fl.                 27.10                
1792.6-friedrichiae 50 km SE Kenhardt!, big spotted brown eyes       27.10                
1797.7-lydiae Taaibosmond, w Aggenys, flat-green                     27.10                
1799.8-praesectum SB1525 Samoep, great flowers                       27.10                
1808-verrucosum Kouberg, ex Rawe coll., rough brown lobes            27.10                
1810.4-sp mix windows of many colors, and eager flowers              29.00 

Orthopterum, /B,14/ mat-forming, thick recurved leaves                          
1811.1-waltoniae smooth sculpted curved leaves, taproot              27.10  
Psammophora, /D,15/ low thick sticky leaves                                     
1839-longifolia Witputz, Namibia, new leaves dark purple, violet fl  27.10                
1839.1-longifolia CM100 Witputz, long sticky leaves                  19.50                
1839.3-longifolia H4738 Karingarab, Namibia, sticky leaves           19.50                
1839.8-modesta CM101 many lavender flowers, yellow pollen            19.50                
1839.9-modesta H4423 Luederitz, red tinged sticky leaves             19.50                
1840-modesta H4619 Gabis Station, Namibia, dainty shrub              19.50 
Rabiea, /B,18/ thick roots and very thick leaves                                
1840.97-albipuncta se Bethulie, OFS, beautiful white leaf            27.10                
1841.12-difformis Cradock, lovely white spotted leaves               27.10                
1841.6-lesliei /17/ Trompsburg, OFS, small, very nice                27.10                
1841.8-albinota PB1766 Naudesberg Pass, nice white keels             27.10                
1841.81-albipuncta Kees se berg, w Molteno, dense rosettes           27.10 
Rhinephyllum, /B,17/ low compact plants, nocturnal fl                           
1842.35-frithii Schoppelmaaiskraal, curved pink tipped leaf          19.50                
1842.5-macradenium 18 k s Calvinia, should be very hardy             19.50                
1842.63-macradenium PV1148 /17/ s Ceres, thick smooth leaves         19.50                
1843-muirii Hoek van die Berg, L Karoo, scented fl                   19.50                
1843.1-muirii DT4938 /17/ Hondewater, covered with white spots       19.50 
Rhombophyllum, /B,15-17/ mat-forming, hatchet-shaped leaves                      
1846-nelii /17/ Kruidfontein, vigorous, yellow flower                19.50 
Ruschia, over-large diverse genus                                               
1847.6-gemina /17/ Rooinekpas, many wonderful flowers                19.50                
1847.61-gemina Langwater, upright leaf, pink flowers                 19.50                
1847.68-gemina RAWE 1407 Rodinek, larger form, a beauty              19.50                
1850.75-rupicola SB1408 /17/ Vrede, Namibia, long leaf, toothed      19.50                
1850.81-salteri n Elandsvlei, waxy leaves, shiny pink flowers        19.50                
1850.82-schneideriana H4778 /D/ Numees, grape-like clusters          19.50                
1852.15-pulvinaris /17/ Trompsburg, masses of pink spring flowers    19.50                
1852.2-salteri SB898 /17/ Ceres Karoo, tall flower spike             13.70                
1852.28-elevata SB1360 /17/ Stofkloof, delightful texture            19.50
Schwantesia, /D,15/ low thick leaves, freely flowering                          
1853-acutipetala thick bluish grey leaves, red edged                 27.10                
1853.2-acutipetala SB808 Cone Peak, big fat leaves                   27.10                
1853.28-borcherdsii Upington, marbled leaves                         27.10                
1854-loeschiana short thick rounded leaves, compact                  19.50     58.            
1854.3-loeschiana w Gamkab, Namibia, ivory skin                      19.50                
1855-loeschiana minor? SB810 Lorelei, small angled leaves            19.50                
1857-pillansii /16/ sharp leaf tips, long blue green leaves          13.70                
1858-ruedebuschii /17/ leaves have many teeth on ends                13.70     36.            
1858.1-ruedebuschii Haakiesdoorn, Namibia, rough leaves              19.50                
1858.5-ruedebuschii 'marlothii' SH420 Aggeneys, stout red teeth      19.50                
1858.6-ruedebuschii SH541 Rosynebos, toothed edges                   19.50                
1858.7-ruedebuschii Warmbad, wider leaves                            19.50                
1858.8-loeschiana Sendlingsdrif, sharp angled leaf with pink edge    19.50     58.            
1859-loeschiana H4976 thick rounded leaves                           19.50                
1860-triebneri smooth blue grey leaves, yellow flowers               13.70     36.            
1860.01-triebneri Namies, Pofadder, tapered leaf with pink point     13.70                
1860.02-triebneri e Pofadder, very floriferous                       19.50                
1860.04-sp Fish River Canyon, serrate margins                        19.50                
1860.042-acutipetala W Mt Stewart, RV, near white leaves             19.50 
Stomatium, /B,17-18/ low, scented nocturnal flowers                             
1862.3-meyeri SB1055 Animub, pink tipped petals                      19.50                
1862.7-alboroseum SH576 base of Kouberg, pale green leaves, knobby   19.50                
1864.2-mustellinum /17/ red & rough thick leaves                     19.50                
1864.23-mustellinum DeRust, Pofadder, thick very rough leaves        19.50                
1864.51-niveum LAV27645 ENE Jakkalswater, long leaves                19.50                
1864.6-alboroseum SB1550 Alwynsfontein, slender leaves, bumpy        19.50                
1865-niveum Bushmanland, ex Rawe coll., white scented flowers        19.50     58.            
1865.3-niveum SB976 /17/ Gamoep, long toothed leaves                 19.50                
1865.5-aff niveum SB1366 /17/ Stofkloof, very attractive form        19.50                
1867.3-pyrodorum SH397 /17/ Vosfontein, flat leaves, beautiful!      27.10                
1869-suaveolens Sutherland, grey leaves, yellow fl                   19.50                
1869.1-suricatinum s Laingsburg, very nice species                   19.50                
1869.2-alboroseum Animub, very tiny compact sort                     19.50                
1869.29-sp /17/ Fonteinjies, chunky pointed leaf, few teeth          19.50                
1869.34-alboroseum SB1412 Jakkalswater, near white bumpy leaves      19.50                
1869.341-sp Kelderberg, Bushmanland, very long teeth, outstanding    27.10                
1869.371-beaufortense Richmond, rough toothed leaf, yellow fl        19.50 
Tanquana, /D,15/ fat rounded leaves, give full sun                              
1869.53-prismatica 39 km n Karoopoort, orange waxy leaves            27.10                
1869.6-prismatica SB659 Ceres Karoo, bronze tinged                   27.10
Titanopsis, /B,17-18/ low thick warted leaves                                    
1870-calcarea /18/ blue grey leaves, with grey/white warts           19.50     58.            
1870.04-calcarea Benotheidsfontein, big white warts                  27.10                
1870.05-calcarea /17/ ex Cole, nice white carbuncles                 27.10                
1870.06-calcarea 35 k nw Brandvlei, outstanding blue form            27.10                
1870.061-calcarea Campbell, w Kimberley, very grey                   27.10                
1870.07-calcarea Enkele Koppie, bold bumps in rows                   27.10                
1870.09-calcarea Groblershoop                                        27.10                
1870.1-calcarea Koffiefontein, OFS, robust                           27.10                
1870.12-calcarea Luckhoff, tufaceous rosette                         27.10                
1870.125-calcarea 13 km SW Luckhoff, white bosses                    27.10                
1870.13-calcarea /18/ Majeng, N Kimberley, crusty, not lefty         27.10                
1870.15-calcarea Oorlogshoek, beautifully ochre                      27.10                
1870.151-calcarea Grootdoring, lovely colors                         27.10                
1870.1511-calcarea Groblershoop, big bold bumps                      27.10                
1870.2-calcarea SB1111 /18/ Magersfontein, concrete color            27.10                
1870.22-calcarea Hopetown, knobbly grey with pink warts              27.10                
1870.24-calcarea SB2186 Bundu, Prieska, super, many colors, crusty   27.10                
1870.4-calcarea 20 k n Kimberley, alligned white warts               27.10                
1870.8-calcarea Stinkbrak, e Abrahamsdam, lovely pale form           27.10                
1870.822-calcarea RW83 Pampoenpoort, pink-blue green leaf tip        27.10                
1872-hugo-schlechteri /17/ red leaves with large grey warts          27.10                
1872.1-hugo-schlechteri 60 k ne Kliprand, purplish                   27.10                
1872.4-hugo-s. v alboviridis SB1343 /17/ Eendoorn, ivory leaves      27.10                
1873-luederitzii /17/ fine granulate leaves, dwarf                   27.10                
1873.5-luederitzii 35 k s Luederitz, mealy texture                   27.10                
1873.54-luederitzii Pockenbank, yellowish white leaves               27.10                
1874-primosii /17/ light grey green leaves with white warts          27.10                
1875-primosii ex pure white flowering plants                         27.10                
1877-primosii /17/ Gamoep, ex Rawe, dense tiny white warts           27.10     75.            
1877.05-aff primosii Nabaab, Bushmanland, nice peculiar darkish form 27.10                
1877.1-primosii se Springbok, richly colored form                    27.10                
1877.3-primosii SB816 /17/ Platbakkies, Bushmanland, very handsome   27.10     75.            
1878.3-schwantesii Klein Karas -> Gruenau, the real thing, BIG       27.10                
1878.4-schwantesii big whitish leaves                                27.10                
1878.5-schwantesii SB2156 Onverwacht, Grabwasser, very pale          27.10                
1878.75-sp /17-,18/ mix, of many forms and colors                    27.10     75.
Trichodiadema, /B,15/ shrubby with thick roots                                   
1883-stellatum Montagu, flat mat, can flower within 3 months         19.50                
1883.25-aff hallii H4255 thick roots and branches, compact mat       19.50
Vanheerdea, /D,17/ clumps slowly with very thick leaves                          
1883.6-angusta /17/ erect narrow leaves                              19.50                
1883.7-roodiae /17/ Boonstevlei, clusters with narrow leaves         27.10     75.            
1883.75-divergens gaping fissure, fine teeth                         19.50                
1883.8-divergens /17/ Bushmanland, grey green toothy bodies          27.10                
1884.1-primosii /17/ Gamoep, Bushmanland, fingernail windows         27.10                
1884.3-roodiae /17/ erect bodies, ruddy, small                       27.10                
1886.59-h Adenium, /3,6,8,14/ caudiciform, winter deciduous leaves 
Agave, /3,6,8/ century plant, good for summer patio                             
1887.6-angustifolia v marginata leaf edge with white stripe          27.10                
1888.304-cerulata Catavina, small light green leaf                   37.00                
1888.36-chrysantha /17/ low rosette, slender leaves                  27.10                
1888.363-chrysantha /17/ New River Mts, Az, silvery blue rosette     27.10                
1888.382-colimana Pt Esmeralda, Col, frayed narrow leaves            68.00                
1889.23-geminiflora /15/ very long thin pliable leaves, pretty       37.00    120.   210.        
1894.3-obscura Perote, VC, small rosettes, densely toothed           37.00                
1898.67-scabra /16/ Baluarte, Zac, rough dark green leaves           37.00                
1899.1-shawii v goldmaniana /16/ San Borja, BCN, dark green rosette  37.00                
1899.2-shawii v goldmaniana Punta Prieta, wide teethy leaf           37.00                
1899.81-toumeyana /17/ Sunflower, Az, small hairy rosettes           37.00    120.   210.        
1900.1-utahensis /18/ Meadview, Az, small, clustering                27.10                
1901.585-wocomahi Basaseachi, Chih, high forest dweller              58.00                
Fouquieria, /3,6,8,14-17/ stem succulent, deciduous leaves                      
1942.54-diguetii upright thorny grey caudex                          37.00
Puya, /3,6/ fibrous coarse rosette with teethed margin                          
1964.493-chilensis flat rosette of fibrous thorny leaves             27.10     75.            
1964.5-mirabilis light green curly leaves                            19.50     58. 
Yucca, /2,6/ makes very nice garden plant, white flowers                         
1982.4-baccata v vespertiana /18/ Meadview, AZ, blue leaf            50.00    133.            
1984.4-filamentosa /18/ soft recurved leaves, white flowers          27.10     75.   130.        
1997-glauca /17/ Wickenburg, AZ, thatched trunk, 8-10 ft tall        27.10                
1999.5-rupicola /17/ Ozona, Tx, soft yellow-green leaf, small        37.00
Aloe, /2,6,14-16/ very large diverse genus                                       
3524-davyana large white bands on leaves                             27.10                
3530-elegans grey leaves with red edge                               27.10                 
3548-immaculata very short stem, short broad green lf                19.50     58.            
3553.8-khamiesensis rigid red leaves, many spots & teeth             27.10                
3554-khamiesensis Ottospoort, bright white spots                     27.10                
3565-littoralis white spotted pale blue leaves                       27.10     75.            
3586-microstigma incurved rosette of reddish leaves                  27.10     75.            
3587-mutans Adriaansdraai, Tvl, dark parallel lines on leaf          27.10                
3649.2-striata leaves have striped color bands                       27.10                
3658-thraskii short tree, long recurved leaves                       27.10                
3679-vaombe shiny red leaves, upright trunk                          27.10                
3680-variegata /C/ orange flowers, small rosettes                    27.10                
3691-wickensii Chuniespoort, Tvl                                     27.10                
3699-sp mix rosettes with many flower colors                         27.10 
Gasteria, /2,6,14/ rosette forming, thick tough leaves                          
3800.6-pulchra long curved leaves                                    27.10                
3809-huttoniae                                                       27.10 
5001- full cactus-succulent mix                                50gm  29.50
5002- /18/ hardy mesemb mix, from many genera                        27.10
Anacampseros, /1,6,8,10/ small plants, need full sun                            
7000.8-rufescens /16/ short reddish green leaves, pink fl            13.70                
7001-lanceolata ISI-1550 Matjiesfontein, keep potbound in small pot  13.70                
7005.7-arachnoides Calitzdorp, delta leaf, cobwebby hairs            13.70                
7005.71-namaquensis Pakhuis Pass                                     13.70                
7006.22-arachnoides n Grahamstown, stubby pointed lf                 13.70                
7006.23-arachnoides Redhouse-Despatch, mini form                     13.70                
7009.2-baeseckei DT2472 w Platbakkies                                13.70                
7009.3-arachnoides 7 k ne Rosh Pinah                                 13.70                
7010.1-baeseckei CM223 /17/ nw Loeriesfontein                        13.70                
7036.5-karasmontana 5 km n Aus, like flat green Ario kot, very nice  13.70                
7039-lanceolata rosette of pointed leaves, keep potbound             13.70                
7042.2-namaquensis s Sendlingsdrift, very wooly tuft                 19.50                
7044-aff baeseckei ISI 1067 Wormskioldia, hairy tuft                 13.70                
7055.61-namaquensis Numees, tiny white wooly body, nice              13.70                
7061-palmeri DJF588 /15/ (Talinaria) Matehuala, Mex, bright pink fl  19.50                
7081.3-retusa Alexander Bay, flat growing form                       13.70                
7081.4-retusa s Steinkopf, carrot taproot under whispy tuft          13.70                
7081.6-retusa Piquetberg, many branches, dense leaves                13.70                
7081.62-retusa Sultana, Buffelsbank                                  13.70                
7082.2-pisina 10 k ne Prince Albert, fat pale green leaves           13.70                
7083.1-rufescens Bloemfontein                                        13.70                
7083.2-rufescens /17/ Lesotho, near St Michaels                      13.70                
7083.31-rufescens DT2491 sw Swellendam                               13.70                
7087.2-telephiastrum HBG 24040 Uniondale, like Stegasaurus           13.70                
7089-arachnoides SB1088 Vredendal, bristly squat stem, wooly crown   13.70                
7102.1-namaquensis DT4218 Helskloof, compact white felty stem        13.70                
7106-retusa CM223 se Springbok, flat leaved tufts                    13.70                
7106.2-miniatura np DT2466 Anenous Pass, hidden tiny tuft            13.70                
7107.1-retusa Botterkloof                                            13.70 
Avonia /1,6,8,10/, scaley stems, often tuberous                                 
7110.21-albissima Ariamsvlei, dense white scales hide stem           19.50                
7110.23-albissima Eendoorn, slender stem from taproot                19.50                
7110.25-albissima e Springbok                                        19.50                
7111.06-papyracea sw Bloeddrif, scaley white stems                   13.70                
7111.2-papyracea Klipbok, thick floppy stems                         19.50     58.            
7111.41-papyracea ssp namaensis CR1128 Achab                         13.70                
7111.42-papyracea ssp namaensis DT4504 Kinderle                      19.50     58.            
7111.43-papyracea ssp namaensis CR1054A Umdaus                       13.70                
7111.45-papyracea ssp namaensis JVT94239 Aribesrivier                13.70                
7111.83-recurvata Kinderle, frilly scales cover stem                 19.50     58.            
7111.98-ruschii Aribesrivier, 26 k n Steinkopf, tuft, curly scales   13.70