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Ariocarpus in Full Swing!! (Seed update 6/15/2024)

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We continue this week with high temps and now hurricane winds!!?!  This week and in the weeks to follow there will be a lot of Ariocarpus seed added to stock!! The Copiapo are in full flower and there are more seeds coming of this genus as well. We appreciate your encouragement and support of our nursery!!

Shown in Photo: NEW Ariocarpus Hybrid -Ariocarpus retusus X scapharostrus 

28.5- Ariocarpus fissuratus x bravoanus

28.6- Ariocarpus fissuratus v hintonii

28.9- Ariocarpus fissuratus ‘intermedius’

33.8- Ariocarpus retusus

38.2- Ariocarpus retusus ‘furfuraceus’ CH206 

38.7- Ariocarpus retusus X scapharostrus (NEW Hybrid)

54- Astrophytum capricorne v minor

55.5- Astrophytum capricorne v niveum

83.8- Copiapoa cinerea KK1434

84.8105- Copiapoa dura KK196

85.704- Copiapoa krainziana

85.713- Copiapoa calderana ‘lembckei v. magnifica’  KK1393 (pkts and 100s)

85.943- Copiapoa dealbata kk30

256.7- Echinocereus schmollii

309.36- Stenocactus ochoterenanus ‘heteracanthus’

324.81- Echinomastus dasyacanthus (NEW)

355- Epithelantha micromeris SB63 

358- Epithelantha micromeris SB256 (NEW)

359.2- Epithelantha micromeris SB1327

363.8- Epithelantha micromeris L749 (NEW)

443- Turbinicarpus beguinii (NEW)

495.905- Gymnocalycium schickendantzii DJF172 (NEW)

549- Lophophora fricii

717- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB64 (NEW for seeds)

718- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB233

720- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB414 (NEW- Very Limited)

822.7- Mammillaria pachycylindrica

970.26- Matucana haynei `villarica’ KK580 (NEW)

1269- Thelocactus hexaedrophorus

shown flowering