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Summer Monsoon Has Arrived!! (Seed Update 7/6/2024)

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We hope you are doing well. We made it through quite a week after our Massive storm on Monday. We are doing well and recovering. We thank you for all that checked with concern and well wishes.

 Shown in Photo: Neoporteria reichei

28.6- Ariocarpus fissuratus v hintonii, PP352

33.81- Ariocarpus retusus A

33.86- Ariocarpus retusus F

52- Astrophytum capricorne SB331

52.8- Astrophytum capricorne v crassispinoides

61- Astrophytum myriostigma v columnare SB340

83.4- Copiapoa atacamensis KK1437

83.691- Copiapoa cinerea PV2412

83.7- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. coulmna-alba  KK624

84.7- Copiapoa haseltoniana ‘gigantea’ KK80

84.8105- Copiapoa dura KK196 

84.83- Copiapoa haseltoniana

85.7- Copiapoa hypogaea cv “Lizard Skin”

85.82- Copiapoa mollicula FR525 

453.84- Turbinicarpus ysabelae HO776 

1037.321- Neoporteria reichei (NEW)

1704.55- Lithops ruschiorum var. lineata C312 (100s)

1779.58-Mitrophyllum grande

1816- Pleiospilos bolusii

1853.24- Schwantesia acutipetala SB2202 

1889.87- Agave gypsophila (kristenii)

1898- Agave parviflora (100s)

Neoporteria reichei cactus shown flowering

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Happy Summer!! Seed update 6/29/2024

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We hope you are doing well. We thank you for your continued support of our Nursery!! We truly appreciate your kindness and support!

 Shown in Photo: Copiapoa serpentisulcata

26- Ariocarpus fissuratus (NEW)

26.8- Ariocarpus fissuratus JM122 

28.93- Ariocarpus fissuratus ‘intermedius’ 

29.4- Ariocarpus fissuratus v lloydii 

34- Ariocarpus retusus SB68 

49- Astrophytum capricorno (100s)

55.5- Astrophytum capricorne v niveum (100s)

63- Astrophytum myriostigma v strongylogonum SB126 

67- Astrophytum ornatum

83.57- Copiapoa calderana (100s)

83.69- Copiapoa cinerea

83.82- Copiapoa cinerea var. minicarpa KK1734

84.8- Copiapoa haseltoniana ‘gigantea’ KK614

84.805- Copiapoa serpentisulcata

85.873- Copiapoa montana ‘olivana’ L816

206.86- Echinocereus fendleri fendleri, ABM013 (NEW)

337- Echinomastus laui

339- Echinomastus laui SB525 (NEW)

354- Epithelantha micromeris SB56 (NEW)

490.27- Gymnocalycium striglianum

1033.3- Neoporteria napina v mitis f. glabrescens 

1086.31- Obregonia denegrii

1254- Thelocactus bicolor SB278

1269.5- Thelocactus hexaedrophorus

1283.4363- Trichocereus lobivioides cv Flying Saucer

1290.3- Turbinicarpus lophophoroides SB1276 

1410.964- Conophytum bilobum SB2223

1428.5- Conophytum bilobum var. linearilucidum 

1446.33- Conophytum bilobum ‘piriforme’ SB1107

1478.1- Didymaotus lapidiformis

1484.01- Diplosoma retroversum (100s)

1550.53- Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae Betty’s Beryl C389

Copiapoa goldii cactus shown in pot

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Copiapoa and Ariocarpus Day!! (Seed Update 6/22/2024)

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. Its a Big Copiapoa Week!! Lots of flowers still going and lots of harvesting going on now!!

 Shown in Photo: Copiapoa tenuissima

6.34- Acanthocalycium sp. (Pkts and 100s)

24.33- Arequipa hempeliana (Pkts and 100s)

28.7- Ariocarpus fissuratus v hintonii SB1568

30- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus

36.5- Ariocarpus retusus SB335

36.9- Ariocarpus retusus ‘furfuraceus’

67.8- Astrophytum ornate (NEW)

59- Astrophytum myriostigma SB264 

83.52- Copiapoa echinoides ‘bridgesii’ FK131-79

83.68- Copiapoa calderana  KK176 

83.78- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. columna-alba  KK611 

83.783- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. columna-alb (NEW)

84.43- Copiapoa atacamensis KK94 

84.68- Copiapoa haseltoniana ‘gigantea’

84.805- Copiapoa serpentisulcata 

85.7032- Copiapoa fiedleriana ‘intermedia’  KK726

85.71- Copiapoa calderana ‘lembckei’ KK70 

85.7181- Copiapoa fiedleriana var. echinata FK48

85.8832- Copiapoa coquimbana ‘pepiniana’

85.8892- Copiapoa cinerascens KK613

85.89- Copiapoa tenuissima

85.99- Copiapoa esmeraldana UN672A

349.2- Echinopsis obrepanda (Pkts and 100s) (NEW)

434.135- Frailea aureispina (NEW)

1147.64- Parodia mix (100s)

1183- Pyrrhocactus strausianus 

1244.86- Stenocereus thurberi

1262.9- Thelocactus conothele

1363- Chasmatophyllum braunsii

1366.58- Cheiridopsis caroli-schmidtii


Copiapoa tenuissima cactus shown flowering

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Ariocarpus in Full Swing!! (Seed update 6/15/2024)

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We continue this week with high temps and now hurricane winds!!?!  This week and in the weeks to follow there will be a lot of Ariocarpus seed added to stock!! The Copiapo are in full flower and there are more seeds coming of this genus as well. We appreciate your encouragement and support of our nursery!!

Shown in Photo: NEW Ariocarpus Hybrid -Ariocarpus retusus X scapharostrus 

28.5- Ariocarpus fissuratus x bravoanus

28.6- Ariocarpus fissuratus v hintonii

28.9- Ariocarpus fissuratus ‘intermedius’

33.8- Ariocarpus retusus

38.2- Ariocarpus retusus ‘furfuraceus’ CH206 

38.7- Ariocarpus retusus X scapharostrus (NEW Hybrid)

54- Astrophytum capricorne v minor

55.5- Astrophytum capricorne v niveum

83.8- Copiapoa cinerea KK1434

84.8105- Copiapoa dura KK196

85.704- Copiapoa krainziana

85.713- Copiapoa calderana ‘lembckei v. magnifica’  KK1393 (pkts and 100s)

85.943- Copiapoa dealbata kk30

256.7- Echinocereus schmollii

309.36- Stenocactus ochoterenanus ‘heteracanthus’

324.81- Echinomastus dasyacanthus (NEW)

355- Epithelantha micromeris SB63 

358- Epithelantha micromeris SB256 (NEW)

359.2- Epithelantha micromeris SB1327

363.8- Epithelantha micromeris L749 (NEW)

443- Turbinicarpus beguinii (NEW)

495.905- Gymnocalycium schickendantzii DJF172 (NEW)

549- Lophophora fricii

717- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB64 (NEW for seeds)

718- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB233

720- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB414 (NEW- Very Limited)

822.7- Mammillaria pachycylindrica

970.26- Matucana haynei `villarica’ KK580 (NEW)

1269- Thelocactus hexaedrophorus

shown flowering

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New Agaves in the Mix!! (6/8/2024)

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We have hit 100 degree temps here already in early June!!??!! We will see what the summer holds. We continue with pollination and harvesting. Once again this week many items on the list have not been sold for several months or since last year. And we have some New Items as well!

Shown in Photo: Epithelantha micromeris ssp. greggii SB1112 

11- Ancistrocactus scheeri SB360

31.8- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus v macdowellii

33- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus v macdowellii SB283 (NEW)

49- Astrophytum capricorne

55.6- Astrophytum capricorne v capricorne SB1158 

55.7- Astrophytum capricorne v niveum SB1948

70.5- Astrophytum  capricorne x asterias HYBRID F1  

83.7- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. coulmna-alba  KK624

83.78- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. columna-alba  KK611   

253- Echinocereus russanthus ‘weedenii’ 

288.7- Echinocereus viridiflorus SB2364

297.9- Stenocactus coptonogonus (NEW)

309.43- Stenocactus multicostatus “supermulti”

353- Epithelantha micromeris

353.6- Epithelantha micromeris JM119

365- Epithelantha micromeris ssp. greggii SB321

367.2- Epithelantha micromeris ssp. greggii SB1112

373.4- Escobaria chaffeyi SB1440 (100s)

380.5- Escobaria duncanii SB1336 (Pkts and 100s)

548.2- Lophophora diffusa KKR455

549- Lophophora fricii (Very Limited)

1802.4- Conophytum praesectum

1872.2- Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri SB1342

1888.364- Agave chrysantha (Pkts and 100s)

1896.84- Agave parry (Pkts and 100s) (NEW)

1896.87- Agave parry (NEW)

1896.96- Agave parry (NEW)

1897.21- Agave parryi var couesii, RAR90 (NEW)

Epithelantha greggii cactus shown in pot

Epithelantha greggii cactus shown flowering

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Lot of New seeds for 2024 Harvest!

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We are doing a lot of pollinating and harvesting. Many of the items on our list this week are back in stock from last year including Copiapoa cinerea!! And a few NEW items!!

Shown in Photo: Matucana madisoniorum

56.3- Astrophytum myriostigma ‘coahuilense’ SB1474

61- Astrophytum myriostigma v columnare SB340 

63- Astrophytum myriostigma v strongylogonum SB126

68.4- Astrophytum ornatum v glabrescens

82- Cleistocactus strausii

82.86- Copiapoa aureispina KK654

83.57- Copiapoa calderana 

83.69- Copiapoa cinerea

83.7- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. coulmna-alba  KK624

84.83- Copiapoa haseltoniana

84.9- Copiapoa horridispina KK1713

85.7- Copiapoa hypogaea spinless cv “Lizard Skin”

93- Coryphantha difficilis (NEW)

104- Coryphantha georgii

113- Coryphantha macromeris SB842 

170.59- Echinocactus horizonthalonius (NEW)

442.723- Glandulicactus mathssoni (NEW)

714- Mammillaria klissingiana SB270

727- Mammillaria lenta

728.2- Mammillari lenta lenta SB1060 (NEW)

743- Mammillaria magallanii SB143

830- Mammillaria pennispinosa

970.6- Matucana madisoniorum

970.857- Matucana oreodoxa KK1591A 

970.9- Matucana paucicostata (NEW and very limited)

973.5- Melocactus canescens (NEW)

1086.31- Obregonia denegrii

1187.82- Pyrrhocactus villicumensis DJF362

1187.85- Pyrrhocactus bulbocalyx (NEW)

1248.7- Sulcorebutia alba (NEW)

1264.2- Thelocactus conothele v argenteus SB1862

1269.5- Thelocactus hexaedrophorus HAJEK 71

1270- Thelocactus hexaedrophorus SB291

1277- Thelocactus rinconensis SB301

1277.52- Thelocactus rinconensis v nidulans SB1768

1155- Pediocactus simpsonii  var. minor SB196/RP188

1302- Turbinicarpus valdezianus v albiflorus SB250 (NEW)

Matucana madisoniorum cactus shown in pot

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Seed Update 5/25/2024!!

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. This is the first of our Ariocarpus harvest. Much more to come!

Shown in Photo: Turbinicarpus jauernigii

30.2- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus (NEW)

30.6- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus  

30.8- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus v albiflorus

31- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus v albiflorus

31.2- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus v albiflorus SB1827

41- Ariocarpus trigonus L683

52.8- Astrophytum capricorne v crassispinoides (NEW)

55.51- Astrophytum capricorne v niveum

56- Astrophytummyriostigma ‘coahuilense’

57.5- Astrophytum myriostigma cv Onzuka

63.2- Astrophytum myriostigma v strongylogonum SB1167

1286.5- Turbinicarpus jauernigii (NEW)

1297.1- Turbinicarpus schiemdickeanus ssp dickisoniae

1297.15- Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp gracilis

1410.35- Conophytum bilobum ‘aequale’ (100s)

1420.135- Conophytum flavum

1420.5- Conophytum flavor SB2379

1482.5- Dinteranthus vanzylii (100s)

1505.35- Faucaria Tigrinya (100s)

1505.36- Faucaria sp PB1787

1507.51- Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca (100s)

1547.1- Lithops aucampiae “Open Window” a brown bella ketty

1562- Lithops bromfieldii v mennellii C44

1780.74- Monilaria scutata

1881.1- Trichodiadema intonsum

1892.9- Agave neomexicana

1894.3- Agave obscura (100s)

1895.27- Agave ornithobroma

1960.021- Manfreda virginica (pkts and 100s)

3805- Gasteria carinata SB1357

4005- Drimia ‘Schizobasis’ intricata “climbing onion”

5671- Lachenalia splendida ‘splende’ (100s)

Turbinicarpus jauernigii cactus shown in pot

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Seed Update for 5/18/2024

Seed Update 5/18/2024

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. 

Shown in Photo: Copiapoa esmeraldana

68.2- Astrophytum ornatum SB1058

68.52- Astrophytum ornatum  var. mirbellii (NEW)

69- Astrophytum capricorne ssp. senile 

70.03- Astrophytum capricorne ssp. senile v aureum

82.851- Copiapoa aurata

85.7171- Copiapoa x hybrid 

85.99- Copiapoa esmeraldana UN672A

118- Coryphantha poselgeriana v valida SB288

250.79- Echinocereus rigidissimus v rubispinus L088 (pkts and 100s)

348- Echinopsis mirabilis

349- Echinopsis mirabilis

453.97- Gymnocalycium ambatoense P22

487.78- Gymnocalycium schickendantzii P17A

494.4- Gymnocalycium vatteri P108

495.96- Gymnocalycium mix

497.72- Haageocereus litoralis

535.75- Lobivia famatimensis v sanjuanensis R557

588- Mammillaria candida SB109 (pkts and 100s)

968.115- Mammillaria mix

971.988- Melocactus azulensis HU168

974.7- Melocactus diersianus

1066- Parodia ‘Notocactus’ mammulosus

1155- Pediocactus simpsonii  var. minor SB196/RP188 (NEW)

1183.5- Pyrrhocactus bulbocalyx (pkts and 100s)

1183.7- Pyrrhocactus bulbocalyx

1239.54- Sclerocactus pubispinus SB1467

1244.663- Stenocereus gummosus

1247- Strombocactus disciformis SB174 (pkts and 100s)

1250.277- Tephrocactus alexanderi  geometricus 

1262.915- Thelocactus conothele CSD109

1283.435- Trichocereus lobivioides ‘grandiflorus’  (Pkts and 100s) (NEW) FIX

1295.62- Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus SB1469

1319.15- Aloinopsis villetii

Copiapoa esmeraldana cactus shown in pot

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Seed Update 5/4/2024

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. Our deepest thanks for all of the plant orders that have come in!! We are working to ship them as quickly as we can. We thank you for your patience if you are in waiting.

Shown in Photo: Mammillaria lindsayi

6.5- Ancistrocactus brevihamatus

53- Astrophytum capricorne v crassispinum (100s)

59- Astrophytum myriostigma SB264

479.551- Gymnocalycium pflanzii var. albipulpa cv inermis

490.39- Gymnocalycium saglionis ssp. tilcarense 

495.96- Gymnocalycium Mix (100s)

507- Ferocactus ‘Hamatocactus’ mix

535.75- Lobivia famatimensis v sanjuanensis

535.786- Lobivia ferox DJF453

544.5- Lobivia pygmaea KK972

547.5- Lobivia mix

550.7- Lophophora diffusa SB537

551.9298- Maihueniopsis glomerata

711.5- Mammillaria karwinskiana SB605 (100s)

730.8- Mammillaria lindsayi

906.1- Mammillaria sonorensis 

968.18- Matucana aureiflora v elata KK1315 (100s)

971.16- Matucana tuberculata

1031.287- Islaya ‘Neoporteria’ islayensis f mollendensis KK681    

1036.54- Eriosyce ‘Neoporteria’ taltalensis ssp. paucicostata KK67

1131.56- Parodia maassii DJF283

1187.867- Pyrrhocactus mix

1239.57- Sclerocactus pubispinus SB1908

1244.4- Sclerocactus wrightiae RP104 (100s)

1244.57- Sclerocactus wetlandicus SB1324 

1249.82- Rebutia ‘Sulcorebutia’ tiraquensis KK1801

1270.3- Thelocactus hexaedrophorus SB1075

1271.7- Thelocactus lausseri

1273.2- Thelocactus leucacanthus var. schmollii SB579

1276.95- Thelocactus rinconensis (pkts and 100s)

1280.2- Sclerocactus ‘Toumeya’ papyracantha  RP50 

1283.3862- Trichocereus formosus DJF175 

1322- Argyroderma crateriforme

1430.415- Conophytum maughanii

1436- Conophytum obcordellum

Mammillaria lindsayi cactus shown flowering


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Plant List Updated for Spring/Summer 2024

Hello All!! We have done our first Plant update for the 2024 Spring/Summer season.

We will continue to add more plants in the weeks and months to come. Those will be updated like our see updates.

You can find the current available plants under the plants tab on the main page of the website.

Plants sizes vary but most will be happy to be in a 3 inch pot but some larger older plants will require a 4-5 inch pot. Smaller varieties (eg. Copiapoa laui) will be happy to be in a 2.5 inch pot.