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COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon! We hope this finds everyone well. We have decided to give an update about the COVID-19 virus and how this is affecting us here at Mesa Garden.  First and foremost Aaron, myself, our children and all of our employees and their children are well. We are working towards staying this way. As of today the number of cases in our state is unfortunately rising. Fortunately though, there are currently no cases in our county. Our state has mandated social distancing and our schools have been closed for a week now. They will remain closed for another 2 weeks, maybe more. We only leave to go the the post office and the store for grocery pick-up. Some of you have reached out to us and we are grateful for your kindness and concern.

As of today our Governor has mandated that all non-essential businesses close for a few weeks and/or limit to gatherings of 5 people. Since our business is mail order, and we have little to no contact with many people, we have decided to stay open but have created a plan with our employees to limit their contact with one another and us. We will still complete orders and essential business duties, such as watering and pollinating all while having little to no social contact with one another. What does this mean for our customers? We will still be completing orders and we can ship your orders but the US postal service has stated that there could be delays internationally.  We will also not be taking mail to the post office every day but we will take it every 2-3 days.

In essence we do not want to panic nor cause panic but we do want to be wise. We are limiting our social interactions and staying home as much as we can per our governments request. We do hope and pray that all of our customers are safe and well. Please know we appreciate every customer and your support of us and this nursery. This virus has taken this world by storm but we look forward to this passing. Please take care and we are open for any questions you may have.


Tarah Morerod

Mesa Garden