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Seed Update 8/19/2023

Here is what we are updating this weekend, enjoy!!!

28.9 Ariocarpusfissuratus ‘intermedius’, with smaller rounded tubercles  

30 Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus ‘elephantidens’, huge purple flowers   

14 Ancistrocactus pinkavanus Cuatrocienagas, light pink flower, short sp    

83.69 Copiapoa cinerea, wooly top, dark spines

83.706 Copiapoa cinerea KK92 Taltal (100-300m), heavy black spines

83.685 Copiapoa cinerea ssp. columna-alba, seeds ex KK

83.78 Copiapoa cinerea ssp. columna-alba  KK611 Cifuncho,  powdery white 

84.279 Copiapoa coquimbana ‘domeykoensis’ FK106, stout curving black sp    

84.83 Copiapoa haseltoniana globose stem, yellow sp, yellow wooly crown     

85.8885 Copiapoa desertorum var. rupestris KK195 above Cifuncho, fat taproot

328 Echinomastus dasyacanthus SB120 Los Pinos Mts, Socorro co, NM    

522 Leuchtenbergia principis /17/ long thin papery spines, deep taproot                

550.6 Lophophora decipiens, pale blue skin pink flowers

1283.89 Turbinicarpus alonsoi Xichu, flat stem like Obregonia, pink fl   

1543 Lithopsaucampiae ssp. aucampiae C46 special texture

1562.5 Lithops bromfieldii v mennellii C283 Hebrew script

1570.9 Lithops dorotheae F357 large open red orange window     

1595.2 Lithops geyeri C274 small, white grey tinged pink                        

1596.5 Lithops gracilidelineata var waldroniae C189 finely knobbled top   

1633 Lithops karasmontana ‘signalberg’ C65 red dots and lines, coarse           

1635.7 Lithops lesliei C7 /16/ green bronze top 

1683.75 Lithops optica ‘maculate’ e Bogenfels, light pink leaves       

1700.6 Lithops ruschiorum Roessing Mine, variable red lines, white face

1709.4 Lithops salicola cv Sato’s Violet deep red wine colored 

1728 Lithops schwantesii ‘triebneri’ C79 orange grey, stonelike    

1873.5 Titanopsis luederitzii, mealy texture    

1875 Titanopsis primosii ex pure white flowering plants

1901.601 Agave zebra,  cross banded leaves   

1964.03 Pachypodium succulentum, thin leaves, large caudex

1970.76 Senecio bombycopholis 3M tall shrub    

1984.2 Yucca faxoniana

2980.11 Tylecodon paniculatus  botterboom (in Afrikaans) ‘Butter Tree’

3527 Aloe dichotoma  “kokerboom” tall branching tree aloe 

3561.2 Aloe krapohliana  var. dumoulinii Alexander Bay