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Seed Update 9/2/2023

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. It is a holiday weekend and thus packages will not go out until Tuesday! (Shown in Photo Copiapoa

coquimbana ‘vallenarensis’ )

84.272- Copiapoa dealbata PV2385

84.2768- Copiapoa taltalensis ‘desertorum’

84.277- Copiapoa cinerascens

85- Copiapoa humilis (100s)

85.2- Copiapoa humilis FR464 (pkts and 100s)

85.702- Copiapoa humilis FR464 (100s)

85.703- Copiapoa coquimbana var. imbricata KK102

85.71- Copiapoa calderana ‘lembckei’ KK70 (pkts and 100s)

85.7182- Copiapoa megarhiza v echinata (100s)

85.7188- Copiapoa minima KK1132

85.85- Copiapoa montana

85.86- Copiapoa montana FR522

85.873- Copiapoa montana ‘olivana’ L816

85.882- Copiapoa coquimbana ‘pendulina’ KK1391

85.888- Copiapoa desertorum ‘rubriflora’ KK658

85.889- Copiapoa longistaminea

85.8892- Copiapoa cinerascens KK613

85.9- Copiapoa tenuissima FR539

85.94- Copiapoa aff ahremephiana KK1392

85.956- Copiapoa coquimbana ‘vallenarensis’

88.7- Coryphantha compacta GL67

115.63- Coryphantha pallida CH154

260.611- Echinocereus triglochidiatus RAR105

260.62- Echinocereus triglochidiatus ABM008

260.8- Echinocereus triglochidiatus RAR104

1336.2- Argyroderma framesii v hallii  (pkts and 100s)

1342.3- Argyroderma pearsonii SB2237

1356.25- Cephalophyllum pulchellum

1359.41- Cephalophyllum ceresianum

1364.4- Cheiridopsis acuminata

1366.8- Cheiridopsis denticulata

1405- Cheiridopsis Mix

1840.6- Psammophora nissenii H4608

1841.8- Rabiea albinota PB1766

Copiapoa vallenarensis cactus shown in pot