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Summer Monsoon Has Arrived!! (Seed Update 7/6/2024)

Happy Weekend All!! Here is our seed update for this week. We hope you are doing well. We made it through quite a week after our Massive storm on Monday. We are doing well and recovering. We thank you for all that checked with concern and well wishes.

 Shown in Photo: Neoporteria reichei

28.6- Ariocarpus fissuratus v hintonii, PP352

33.81- Ariocarpus retusus A

33.86- Ariocarpus retusus F

52- Astrophytum capricorne SB331

52.8- Astrophytum capricorne v crassispinoides

61- Astrophytum myriostigma v columnare SB340

83.4- Copiapoa atacamensis KK1437

83.691- Copiapoa cinerea PV2412

83.7- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. coulmna-alba  KK624

84.7- Copiapoa haseltoniana ‘gigantea’ KK80

84.8105- Copiapoa dura KK196 

84.83- Copiapoa haseltoniana

85.7- Copiapoa hypogaea cv “Lizard Skin”

85.82- Copiapoa mollicula FR525 

453.84- Turbinicarpus ysabelae HO776 

1037.321- Neoporteria reichei (NEW)

1704.55- Lithops ruschiorum var. lineata C312 (100s)

1779.58-Mitrophyllum grande

1816- Pleiospilos bolusii

1853.24- Schwantesia acutipetala SB2202 

1889.87- Agave gypsophila (kristenii)

1898- Agave parviflora (100s)

Neoporteria reichei cactus shown flowering