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We are a little more than half way through the build of our new website!! This will change how the 2019 seed list goes and the timing. We are not completely certain at this point but they are giving us a go live date in Early March. This is the biggest and most complicated part of all of our technology upgrades. We have to get many things just right and they have projected it is going to take about 4-6 months.

The new site will be an inventory/cart system. You will create a login and account with all of your information. It will be first come first serve but you will know exactly what you are getting when you check out. It will also have pictures. We will not have all the pictures in but we are working daily taking and uploading as many as we can. We are very hopeful this will make ordering easier for all.

The website will still be

We do apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this time. We will continue to accept seed orders until mid-late February on an order to order basis after we assess the stock of the seeds on each list.

Warmest Regards,
Aaron and Tarah Morerod
Mesa Garden


Index to lists as at 10th October 2018


new seed postage rates:

USACanada & MexicoRest of worldWorld Insurance add on
up to $100$3.50$11.00$14.00$4.00
up to $200$5.00$11.00$14.00$5.00
up to $300$6.00$11.00$14.00$6.00
up to $500$8.00$16.00$23.00$8.00
up to $1000$12.00$16.00$23.00$14.00

new plant postage rates:

USACanada & MexicoRest of world
Percentage of plant value15%18%20%
Minimum Fee$6.00$4.00$6.00

Note : USA Post only tracks this class of maail while the parcel is inside the USA. After exit then use your home country system for tracking.

Insured first class is only used upon request, do this when you place the order. Without insurance the parcel is sent at the risk of the customer. Sorry we can not insure any first class parcels to China.

Seed order with high value should be sent by express mail to many countries
up tp $500 $49.00
up to 1000 $54.00

Symbols that indicate number of seeds in retail pkt:
* by price is 10 seeds
+ by price is 5 seeds
x by price is 3 seeds

# symbol items indicates Cites 1 status items. These items require permits to leave the US. Currently as the new owners, we have started the process to acquire our own permits. We have no approximation in how long this process could be. We will update as soon as these permits are available. Until they are, we cannot export these plants/seeds. No permit is needed for domestic US orders.

We will do our best to find the best way to send your order. Sometimes the fees will be less than the above rates.

When you contact us by email, fax, and mail for orders or order queries, please help us to find the information we need. Much email arrives even with no customer name, so please give us your name and address. We will be printing a customer code on invoices, use this to help us find your records. The code is made from your name and city in your address.
Example: Steven Brack of Belen, my code would be BRASTEBEL We store all your records and order history using this code system. We always need your name and city to find your records.

Please tell us your payment method. Common ways are: credit card, paypal (to:, check, or money order. We spend a lot of time and extra emails getting these details which delays orders for everyone. In general we can not supply an order quote, do not have man power or time.

Please use the appropriate order blank; or note the following:

  1. Specify which list you are ordering from.
  2. Print your name and address clearly in B L O C K L E T T E R S.
  3. Order from low to high numbers, including all digits & decimal points.
  4. List your seed and/or plant choices with prices.
  5. If you order both seeds and plants, please separate these two portions.
  6. NM residents add 6% sales tax.
  7. Give a list of substitutes, or request a refund or credit slip.
  8. Discount for large orders: (from seed + plant subtotal only, excluding postal charges):
  9. If you are paying by credit card please include your CV (Security Code). This is the extra 3 digits on the card back for Visa, MC and Discover, and 4 digits printed on the face of Amex cards

Seeds and Collection Numbers

NOTA BENE: very rare seeds, at our option, are limited to 1 pkt per order. Packets have 20-30 seeds unless marked otherwise: x-3 seeds, + 5 seeds, * 10 seeds.
Many of the seeds listed have field collection humbers, as:
  • KK - K Knize
  • FR - F Ritter
  • L - A Lau
  • HK - H Kuenzler
  • C - CM - CX - Desmond Cole
  • R - W Rausch
  • HU - L Horst + Uebelmann
  • H - David Hardy
  • HH - Harry Hall
  • DJF - David Ferguson
  • LIND - Seymour Linden
  • MM - Massimo Meregalli
  • MLV - M Vereb
  • FO - Felipe Otero
  • OST - Dr C Ostolaza, Peru
  • PEH - Inge Pehlemann,Windhoek
  • PR - K H Prestle
  • DV - Dirk van Vliet;
  • DC - Dennis Cowper
  • Sch. - H Schlosser
  • P - J Piltz
  • RR - R Rawe
  • MN - Mats Winberg
  • B - W Biebl, W Germany
  • JS - J Sladkovsky
  • PP - P Pavlicek
  • WM - W Minnich
  • GL - Gary Loos
  • CH & CSD - Jaromir Chvastek
  • AG - Alan Gilmore
  • RP - Ralph Peters
  • SB - Steven Brack
The Cole numbered seed (C-CM-CX) is all produced on stock plants here in NM.
All of the KK seed is produced in Belen on our seed grown stock plants.

Guide to germination-cultivation tips

Use the numbers or letters below between the slash marks // to find the tips.
    Temperature for optimum germination: night minimum to day maximum:
  1. 60's to mid 70's F (approx 17 to low 20's C)
  2. 60's to mid 80's F (approx 17 to upper 20's C)
  3. 70's to mid 80's F (approx 20 to low 30's C)
  4. 60's to near 105F (approx 17 to near 40 C)
  5. 70's to near 100F (approx 20 to upper 30's C)
    Time to plant seeds:
  6. any time of year with proper temperatures and daylength (ca.13-14 hours); you can extend day length with artificial lights.
  7. fall and winter are best time, avoid heat of summer, short day length (ca. 11 hours)
    Special notes:
  8. remove from closed humid atmosphere soon after germination (ca.3 days)
  9. slow to germinate, scarification and stratification help, freeze and thaw both wet and dry. Don't keep wet, but alternate wet and dry with changing temperature. No luck? Save pot and try again next year.
  10. closed humid atmosphere important, distilled water useful with tiny seeds.
  11. rot easily, right after germination: not too wet, dry air and stronger light.
  12. soak in warm (approx 80F, 27C) distilled water about 12 hours before planting the seeds; do not allow to dry between soaking and planting.
  13. needs soil with basic pH when first transplanted (add limestone), especially in areas with acidic water.
    Hardiness of strong seedlings or adults in good health and culture:
  14. no frost at all, fatal, keep above approx 40F (approx 5C)
  15. occasional light frost, above 28F (-2C)
  16. frequent moderate frost, above approx 20F (-7C)
  17. very frost hardy, above approx 10F (-12C)
  18. often snow-covered, safe easily to -10F (-23C)
Cultivation codes for mesembs and some other succulents: (germination temps)
A-robust shrubby spring growers that grow rapidly and flower in the spring. When the heat of summer comes they go dormant. Some will grow only as annuals and die in the summer heat (50-65F, 10-18C)
B-spring growers that stay compact, actively grow and flower in the spring, needing deep soaking waterings. They can be cool to cold and dry in the dead of winter. (60-75F, 16-25C)
C-grows in the fall and winter when cool with short days. They like frequent light waterings and lots of mist, mosts come from regions with fog appearing at night. They go dormant in late spring when hot conditions arrive. During the heat of summer often shade is very helpful. Very little water given all summer long. (50-65F, 10-18C)
D-opportunistic, will grow anytime from fall to spring when moisture is given. Grow and water them when you have periods of sunshine, and they go dormant in the heat of summer when less water is needed. (60-75F, 16-25C)

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