Germination Tips

Our Soil Mix

It’s not perfect for everything but it will work great for most cacti and mesembs.

    • 2 parts sandy loam
    • 2 parts Coconut blend potting mix
    • 1 part perlite
    • 1 part vermiculite

    1. Filling Your Pot

    Fill your pot to almost the rim line with potting soil but leave enough room to sift ¼ inch (5MM) of fine potting soil

    2. Tamp the Soil​

    Tamp the soil with a smooth wooden block to make a flat sowing surface then to pour your seeds onto it.

    3. Tamp the Seeds​

    Tamp the seeds into the soil with the smooth block.

    4. Spray the Seeds​

    Then spray with a light mist of freshly gathered rain water.

    5. Cover with Sand​

    Add a top dressing of course sand.

    6. Soak the Pot

    Pour rain water into a covered tray and soak the pot overnight.

    7. Cover the Pots​

    Remove the pots from the soaking water the next day and keep them in a clear covered container until plants start to germinate.

    8. Mist the Seedlings

    After most of the seeds come up uncover the seedlings and mist them every couple days

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