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Seed Update 12/5/2022

Seed update 12/5/2022

82.9-Copiapoa hypogaea v. barquitensis
83.53- Copiapoa echinoides ‘bridgesii’- 100’s
83.694- Copiapoa cinerea KK77
83.7- Copiapoa cinerea KK624
83.8- Copiapoa cinerea KK1434
84.425- Copiapoa echinata
84.48- Copiapoa haseltoniana ‘eremophila’ KK1708
84.83- Copiapoa haseltoniana
84.88- Copiapoa haseltoniana
85.7192- Copiapoa minuta KK601
85.863- Copiapoa monteamarguensis
85.87- Copiapoa multicolor KK1394- pkts and 100’s
85.873- Copiapoa taltalensis ‘olivana’- 100’s
85.888- Copiapoa taltalensis ‘rubriflora’ KK658
85.889- Copiapoa longistaminea
85.89- Copiapoa tenuissima
85.92- Copiapoa longistaminea ‘tigrillensis’ KK1385
118- Coryphantha poselgeriana v valida SB288
169.9- Echinocactus grusonii – 100’s
177- Echinocactus polycephalus
194.5- Echinocereus engelmannii v chrysocentrus SB688- 100’s
246.641- Echinocereus poselgeri
250.76- Echinocereus rigidissimus
250.84- Echinocereus X roetteri -100’s
302- Stenocactus multicostatus ‘erectocentrus’
309.43- Stenocactus multicostatus “supermulti” 150+ ribs!

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Conophytum Seed Update Part 1

All of these are now available on the website and here’s a list of what is available to make shopping a bit easier.

1409.2- 1412.3

Catalog #, species and packet sizes
1409.2 achabense 10 seeds
1410.32 acutum 10 seeds
1410.35 bilobum ‘aequale’ 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.371 stephanii 10 seeds
1410.41 stephanii 10seeds
1410.61 angelicae 20-30 seeds 100 seed packets
1410.615 angelicae 20-30 seeds
1410.62 angelicae 10 seeds 100 seed packets
1410.63 angelicae ssp tetragonum 20-30 seeds
1410.64 angelicae ssp tetragonum 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.65 angelicae ssp tetragonum 20-30 seeds
1410.654 angelicae ssp tetragonum 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.657 angelicae ssp tetragonum 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.66 angelicae ssp tetragonum 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.67 angelicae 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.675 angelicae 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.68 angelicae 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.69 angelicae 20-30 seeds
1410.718 bilobum 20-30 seeds TRUE
1410.82 pellucidum var. neohallii 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.842 pellucidum var. neohallii 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.85 armianum 10 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.89 auriflorum 10 seeds
1410.9525 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.9528 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.956 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.9561 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.959 bilobum 20-30 seeds and 100 seed packets
1410.962 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.963 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.964 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.9653 bilobum- japanese hybrid 20-30 seeds
1410.967 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1410.983 blandum 20-30 seeds
1411.06 breve 20-30 seeds
1411.28 breve 10 seeds
1411.5 bilobum 20-30 seeds
1412 burgeri 20-30 seeds
1412.1 burgeri 20-30 and 100 seed packets
1412.3 burgeri 20-30 and 100 seed packets

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Weekly Seed Update!

Seed update 11/12/2022

Good Morning All!! This is our weekly seed update.
We will go live Monday with our first batch of Conophytum seeds for this year!
Tonight we will have a live auction on Instagram. All the proceeds from this auction will go to support our daughters private school. We hope you can join us. It will start around 6:00 pm MST and go until around 8:30.

30.6 Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus
33.865- Ariocarpus retusus (100’s)
35- Ariocarpus retests (100’s)
38- Ariocarpus retusus ‘furfuraceus’ (100’s)
60- Astrophytum myriostigma v columnare (100’s)
61- Astrophytum myriostigma v columnare
65- Astrophyum myriostigma v tulense
82- Cleistocactus strausii (100’s)
82.9- Copiapoa hypogaea v. barquitensis (100’s)
83.5- Copiapoa echinoides ‘bridgesii’ (100’s)
84.277- Copiapoa taltalensis ‘ssp. desertorum’
85.717- Copiapoa maritima
85.8- Copiapoa mollicula
245.93- Echinocereus polyacanthus ‘santaritensis’ (pkts and 100’s)
245.94- Echinocereus polyacanthus ‘santaritensis’ (pkts and 100’s)
1031.298- Neoporteria krainziana (100’s)
1283.4331- Trichocereus huascha
1917.78 Bursera fagaroides (pkts and 100’s)

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Seed update 11/5/2022

Seed update 11/5/2022

85.7025- Copiapoa coquimbana var. imbricata
117.9 – Coryphantha poselgeriana v valida
550.56- Lophophora caespitosa
1187.69- Pyrrhocactus umadeave
1312- Aloinopsis luckhoffii
1315- Aloinopsis rosulata
1319.12- Aloinopsis villetii
1319.32- Antegibbaeum fissoides- (pkts and 100’s)
1321- Argyroderma crateriforme
1325- Argyroderma delaetii ‘carinatum’
1332.7- Argyroderma fissum Holrivier
1840.95-Rabiea albinota – 100’s

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Conophytum seed update

Good Morning!!

We have decide on how we will proceed with our Conophytum Seed update.

We will be updating this year in batches. A large one time update is extremely difficult and causes many problems with the website and inventory.
We will do sections at a time of our catalog numbers. The first set will be 1409.2-1412.3. This first group will go out sometime in the next 1-2 weeks.

We will post a list of our active numbers so you can have that list readily available for you to know exactly what numbers are included. We will update here on our News Page, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Shipping Plants out of the US

Unfortunately we will not be able to ship plants out of the country due to Covid-19 delays. Seeds do fine if they have stay in a post office for a few weeks as they are being pulled through customs but plants will most likely perish. We hope that we will get back to normal next year we will be able to offer plants outside our country.

We are truely sorry for this inconvenience.

Aaron and Tarah

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Seed Update- Cooler Weather Coming Our Way!!

Hi All!! We are battening down the hatches for a cold spell to come through. All the greenhouses are closed up now.
Last weekend we took a little trip. Please find below our seed update for this week.

Seed update 10/22/2022

33.94- Ariocarpus retusus

42.5- Ariocarpus trigonus n Jaumave, ‘horacekii’ (pkts and 100’s)
70.07- Astrophytum mix
82.851- Copiapoa aurata
83.68- Copiapoa cinerascens KK176
83.7- Copiapoa cinerea KK624
83.8- Copiapoa cinerea KK1434
84.25- Copiapoa coquimbana var. deminuta KK1386
84.83- Copiapoa haseltoniana
84.85- Copiapoa haseltoniana KK69
85.715- Copiapoa marginata
86-Copiapoa Mix (100’s)
453.84- Turbinicarpus ysabelae (pkts and 100’s)
785.8- Mammillaria microthele (pkts and 100’s)
1030.25- Neoporteria clavata v procera KK1447
1246- Strombocactus disciformis

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Weekend Seed Update! 10/8/2022

Happy Weekend All!! Please find our weekend seed update below.

Seed update for 10/8/2022
47.2- Astrophytum asterias f nudum
434.09- Frailea angelensis
550.7- Lophophora diffusa
1154.24- Pediocactus simpsonii
1170.45- Pediocactus simpsonii v robustior
1170.8- Pediocactus simpsonii robustior
1183.5- Pyrrhocactus bulbocalyx
1219.62 Sclerocactus glaucus
1219.66 Sclerocactus cloveriae
1219.89 Sclerocactus parviflorus var. havasupaiensis (pkts and 100’s)
1219.9 Sclerocactus mesa Verde
1239.2 Sclerocactus pubispinus
1239.58 Sclerocactus spinosior v schleseri
1241.2- Sclerocactus whipplei ssp busekii
1244.55- Sclerocactus cloveriae ssp brackii
1280.2- Sclerocactus ‘Toumeya’ papyracantha (Pkts and 100’s)

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Seed update for 10/1/2022

Happy Weekend Everyone! Below is our seed update for this week. Also Aaron is adding some Specimen plants to the website today as well.

Seed update for  10/01/2022-   

6.5- Ancistrocactus brevihamatus

30- Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus /16/ ‘elephantidens’

33.865- Ariocarpus retusus (pkts and 100’s)

38- Ariocarpus retusus ‘furfuraceus’

43- Ariocarpus trigonus ‘elongatus’

56.3- Astrophytum myriostigma ‘coahuilense’ SB1474

57- Astrophytum myriostigma

58- Astrophytum myriostigma SB262

785.8- Mammillaria microthele (pkts and 100’s)

1154.103 Pediocactus simpsonii (pkts and 100’s)

1154.35- Pediocactus simpsonii minor

1154.38- Pediocactus simpsonii minor

1154.8- Pediocactus simpsonii v minor SB194

1159.54- Pediocactus simposonii SB1851

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Seed Update for 9/24/2022

Seed update 9/24/2022

33.94- Ariocarpus retusus

83.685- Copiapoa cinerea

83.78- Copiapoa cinerea KK 611

83.82- Copiapoa cinerea var. minicarpa KK1734

85.7 Copiapoa hypogaea spinless cv “Lizard Skin

277.682- Echinocereus mojavensis ‘triglochidiatus’ f inermis (pkts and 100’s)

383.86- missouriensis var marstonii

479.551 Gymnocalycium pflanzii var. albipulpa cv inermis, purple skin, spineless in old age

719- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB255 (pkts and 100’s)

1147.85- Pediocactus despainii SB1014

1148- Pediocactus knowltonii SB304 (pkts and 100’s)